Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


Why get him? Because I’ll have the sigils anyway and I’m not all that interested in UVS.


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I think I’m impressed with Surt especially as clean up against shitty defenders and also as high potential lead. I’m going for Surt!


If only we could have feedback from the GPF explaining how they feel their interaction with PG goes.

Something like number of items considered and a rating as to how they felt it went. 1 being completely ignored and 5 being all suggestions accepted.

Yes I know the GPF can’t actually do this due to NDA but it would be nice to know if/how much impact they have


If this is the stuff we see that PG still does with the GPF, imagine all the stuff that we don’t see with them! There’s no way ALL the garbage makes it through…right?! It’s like they’re a vaccination for the player base against PG. Not smallpox with total eradication, but more like the flu vaccination. You see less of the virus in general, but not 100% because flu is an irritating, mutating virus that just can’t be entirely stopped because 100% prediction of what it will do is impossible.

In any event, I am curious how Surt would be reasonable and not still be a crappy sorcerer though. A use limit on the aoe? Reduce the damage so that it’s more like a slightly stronger version of Northern Lights instead (is that Jul’s spell? I always mix it up with the healing one)?


Huitzil is OP!
Pathox is OP!
Surt is OP!
Is there a mythic anymore which ppl won’t instantly complain is OP. Btw, the vanguard Mythics are OP as well! Just enjoy the new beasts. They give the non-max players an ability to strike back against the max players who hit 100+ below their level. Bring on more OPs!


He’s OP for now, but PG will eventually nerf him sometime next season to make people scramble for the next OP mythic. As they did with Huitzal, as they just did with Pathox. PG is pathetically predictable.


Except Surt actually is. Completely absurd.


You mean ab-Surt?




ok…im leaving…rolling on the floor…:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


Southern Cross :+1:


Change the target prioritization of Incinerate to go for storm or blue before red.


It would change the priority for all spell fluxes haha


How likely do you think it is he’ll get nerfed? I wanna go for him real bad, but if his AOE deathgaze gets nerfed into a glamorized fireball, I won’t waste my time.


Ah, gotta change the parent to change the child, eh? Unfortunate. I do think that might be a viable change. Sure would still be an unbelievable cleaner if lead could down the reds; he just wouldn’t be able to instakill every bloody island his shadow falls on.


With all this screaming about him being OP, two things are happening.

  1. Whales are emptying their wallets faster than you can blink.
  2. PG is having to seriously consider nerfing him.

The problem is- the longer they let it go before nerfing him, the more money being spent that can (and will) be asked to be refunded- a la Huitzel- if they do.

I wonder if PG cares about all those refunds? Or if they are betting that the majority will be too lazy to pursue it? It’s got to affect their standing with Apple and Google, though…

Good thing I can’t afford to make a decision on him until the last week of the season. Hopefully if they are going to nerf him, it will be done before then.


Considering what just happened with Pathox, it’s clear that nerfing can happen at any time. This whole thing has made me wary of going for another mythic ever again tbh. Rubies are better spent on personal progress :roll_eyes:


always been the case. i’d not open super sigils unless i was pushed into corner


Pushed in the corner by a pg employee with a gun forcing you to get all sigil lines completely?


Ffs he’s not OP.

First off Mythics are suppose to be strong. It requires a substantial amount of time, money or both. You should be rewarded for that.

Surt is Strong against an undefended base, Surt is strong as a clean up drag. Surt as a lead dragon depends and this is where he faults. Againts a good defended base on the Long Island with a rage drain he falls. There also maybe a few other ways he can fall epically on longs islands.

And then I hear it takes no skill to use. But the fact is that this isn’t a surt problem it’s the sorcerer class in general problem. Honestly there is no other sorcerer that takes more skill. Only skill a sorcerer can have is timing spells and using them in proper order.


  • OP means he’s overpowered and needs a nerf immediately. And the answer to that epically this early is no. Straight no. I remember everything a mythic comes out everyone complains it being OP. This is the same case -.-

  • He is a strong dragon and will change the meta. That I believe is good. Mythic dragons should shift/change the meta. There supposed to be powerful.

If u have more questions about how the dragon can be defeated againts a defended or any others I would be happy to hear it.


:rofl: You flown him? GPF has. I trust them more plus I can see for myself. How would YOU fly him?

Here’s how I would nerf Surt. Simply change incinerate to white DG. Same spell effect, but now it must be targeted. Meaning you cannot pre cast Rag. Which means skill and timing comes into play. No longer two button press faceroll :sleeping: flying.