Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


You’re saying a death-gaze that hits every single tower on an island isn’t OP? A death-gaze that regains massive health? And a spell that takes out the red mage, not to mention a rageless spell that gives you three free rage?


:eyes: Sylphen? :rofl: Maan you really have zero idea…


I’m afraid that could ruin Surt. Instead I was thinking of changing how many times AOE insta-kill can be cast by increasing cool down?


That’s a crap drag. I’ll re word it. Name a GOOD drag that requires more skill.

Not crap. Terriable lead good clean up drag


Wow. Proves you REALLY have zero clue :rofl:


Here is the thing. Against a defended base, if the red mages have been sanded he is quite literally unstoppable. Level does not matter as the scaling means he can hit MANY tiers above himself.

Sure as a lead he can fail. Unlikely yes but he can. However the amount of “get out of jail free cards” he has is insane. Gets rage drained? 3 rage for free. Storm shield? Incinerate goes THROUGH storm shield. Multiple towers to protect the red? Incinerate always targets the red mage. Ice flak? Doesn’t cancel the ragnarok if it’s held. This means it is quite literally impossible (outside of one shotting him or poor flying and he has elemental resist for that) to stop him beating a similar level kill island. And the damage he takes blowing that kill island up doesn’t even stick. Played right EVERY ability heals.

This is so obscenely powerful I cannot put it into words. It’s so safe, has so few weaknesses, and will be relevant essentially Indefinitely.

Hell I hate sorcerers but I’m going for him. This does deserve a nerf in some way. One dragon shouldn’t have such a free time, be so safe AND be relevant above it’s own level

Honestly this might be the single most overpowered thing I’ve ever seen in war dragons


Lol give it a month and people won’t be saying he’s op.

Okay is surt good againts an island with 2 red mages?


You honestly don’t know what your talking about if you think slyphen is bad. She is one of two genuinely decent seasonal sorcerers. The other being spindra. And both are dragons that require skill to not fly in the way bricks do


Would you put two reds on your kill? :rofl: :man_facepalming:


If the meta requires it yes


What meta is this? Protect against one dragon? Leave yourself vulnerable to all others? :man_facepalming:

Suggest you stop posting now. Every post makes it worse for you…


Lovely, now your kill island may survive Surt, but it will be easily killed by any other decent dragon.


2 mage setup is super weak against itz or pathox, and if you take th blue out for a storm shield, well then might as well go basic hau and sand everything for surt :man_shrugging:t3:


Only way I can think of countering surt right now is rage drain on 5 and kill on 4. :man_shrugging:


Interesting strat. Makes it weak against path though, but would make it pretty difficult for surt. Actually, if you wait a bit after you face, spell flux chooses the farthest available red that’s in sight, so there’s a possibility it could be bypassed


Would that even work? He does have that 0 rage “get more rage!” spell :woman_shrugging:t2: Or is that spell blue? :thinking: I can’t remember…


He needs 5 rage to make his combo work though.


True… so you would have what, storm/SF, IF, DF/FF and red mage for island 4?

Edit: Dark flak that far back is not a viable option since it takes so long to fire


Couldn’t in that scenario the flier go really slow and just wait until spell is ready again to shoot 2?


EF instead of DG for range. Otherwise your typical kill isle.