Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


They’ll get hit by kill before cooldown expires.


Test server time? :joy:


Ok, so there’s one counter after all :blush:


Yes I answered posts backwards. Sue me…


Maybe :man_shrugging: I wouldn’t like that setup as it’s weak due to perch being on 6 which provides an anchor.

@mechengg ? Thoughts?


So you’d do (assuming you had the rss) A red mage, Storm Flak, Electro Flak, and Ice Flak?

Or would it be Red mage, Storm Flak, Fire Flak, Electro Flak?

I just realized that’s only 4 towers… So either all flak flavors (except dark) and a red mage, or what I put plus a blue mage…


Storm better than earth flak IMO. So Red storm ice electro fire.


What exactly is going on with Pathox? Did he get nerfed by PG recently, if so what did they do?


@JonTargarynn You may want to check out the other thread below. If you haven’t seen it already, there’s lots of “math” flying around over there.


18 ice flaks = win

That is all


Dang @mechengg Now I have a lot more building to do! :joy::joy:


Wait, does the game even let you build that many? :thinking:


Nah @LizDrakemoor … Only 8 max, but I like @mechengg 's plan! Could you imagine a base with nothing but these things all over? :joy::joy:


Ok will do, thanks


Okay few things.

  • GPF didn’t test the dragon. They got to use but didn’t get to test all scenarios against defenders. Theres a difference.

  • Secondly I still stand by that Sylphen is a terrible lead dragon. Oh and by the way, if one more flak shot hit, it would of died. But i think the image speaks for itself.


Is noc a good dragon?

Your screenshot means nothing


I mean that’s a single attack. You can’t really draw much from one attack. Hell if there is THAT huge of a disparity the result is was untrustworthy.

I’m not saying slyphen always appropriate but she excels at what she is good at


We tested a dragon. I think you can infer if that dragon is the one in the live game today…


Happy cake day!


How come we didn’t know if incinerate went through storm shield until release or was that part of the NDA?