Surt game play omg PG you did a nice job


It’s a spell flux derivative. If you knew spell flux went through storm shield then you know that incinerate goes through storm shield.


Yes agreed but was proven my point. He/She sucks at leading. Great follow dragon. That was just evidence


Skip to 1:26:


Agreed. Good follow bad lead


Oh, I’ve taken our bases in war 100+ levels higher than me with my alt.


Sylphen is more prone to misfire for some reason, so maybe the flier just had a bad day. Seriously, Ethereal Chain missed targets more often than I want. Otherwise, Sylphen is a really fun dragon to fly.


What do you think about countering Surt with a timed storm tower?


Surt will prefire Rag then flux. Activate storm tower so it times well to block the 3 towers from Rag? Does that work?


How the heck do you know what we did and did not test? As for the “all scenarios against defenders,” bit I would say that would have to be a given. We volunteer our time because we are passionate about the game and want balanced (and fun!) gameplay.

It’s not like we draw a salary from PG as employees to test things. It would practically be a full time job to properly test “every scenario.”


Depends on 2 things:

  1. if surt holds rag until after storm shield dissipates
  2. if you can kill it before rag hits unshielded towers.


Much obliged!


Okay what about this



  • this is on long island

So say if you hold Rag then fire then EF can be protected. Will this cause problems for Surt?


My apologies it was based off of an assumption that was proven false. Thought was since people kept asking if incinerate could go through storm the assumption was that no one knew including the GDP. Meaning they didn’t test it or it was apart of their NDA.

EDIT: Oops seen what made you mad. I didn’t mean properly I meant more of the word “fully”


We did test the dragons fairly throughly and even against multiple defenders. Can’t really say more than that.


Not too mad :laughing: just a bit frustrated since testing can take a fair bit of time.


I understand I appreciate you folks :slight_smile: can you answer what I said to Lutrus?


Hmm, I don’t think I flew against a layout like that, especially not defended, so I don’t really have an answer for you.


Okay thanks, I’m gonna list a few layouts here that might cause problems for him and see what people think.



The storm might activate quicker since its in the front causing it to protect against Rag. As for other drags IDK how it would work.



One tower solo. Everything will be destroyed except for FF making it the one solo tower to take everything down Lol.



I used to see this layout back in the day but I don’t think it is no longer viable. BM can be spammed on SS causing surt to have no rage.

These are ideas and I haven’t tested them but will try. Let me know if this helps Surt being OP or are not viable due to other dragons.

Further questions. Can any dragon get 2 rage in between islands (I tested on EQ which only had 2 rage things and only got 3/4 of a bar). If not then Surt will die cause in order to be successful it needs to prefire Rag and then Inc or it will die to a well timed storm sheild.


I preferred the days when “getting your base trashed by Rag” referred to one especially skilled flyer…not a crazy spell. :cry:


This deserves quoting and requoting until something is done about this faceroll dragon


Actually does 500000x more damage than ember as Surts attack is waaaaaaaay higher than ember… :man_facepalming:

I don’t think PG will ever release towers that can withstand it.