SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


Pg I believe this will be a great Suggestion on “Balancing/Nerfing” Surt.

Make it we’re “Incinerate” targets the Storm/Earth Flak First before hitting red, blue an so on towers, So it takes thinking before Approaching a base with Storm, Earth, & Red Towers. An how dare I say it but it takes actual “Skills” :face_vomiting: to fly him then just killing the red & using “Ragnarok” then that’s it.


Make it we’re “Incinerate” can’t go through the Storm/Earth towers SS when Protecting the current buildings around it.
If you do that it will be balanced & no one should complain after that.

The other spells are fine we’re there at, honestly I’m going to spend some money to get him but if your nerfing him hard then there’s no point of me getting him.

An FYI the “ Incinerate” spell got a 6 second cool down so keep that in mind he can’t spam “Incinerate” twice in a roll like you can do “Spell Fluks”

Surt Nerf Solution! Please be free to add in your thoughts

And it’s gone from total OP to total trash…


Wow. They were right… :flushed:

“Soon” …


I’m pretty sure you can’t change the target order because the spell Incinerate is a derivative of spell flux. If you change Incinerate then it would change all spell flux spells too and you’d end up breaking a lot of dragons.


No touchy my Skarr! He’s perched, but I still love him!

I agree with Liz, it would be a problem for a lot of Dragons, that’s probably not the best solution.


I honestly didn’t know that until now, thank you for Educating me😊


No he won’t be trash he will be a perfect follow/clean up dragon.


You got any thoughts on how they should Approach nerfing him without hurting him ?


No, I leave that to players who have a better understanding of game balance than me :blush:


Change incinerate to DG derivative.
Cooldown on Ragnarok
No health return on incinerate
Free rage reduce to 2
Change elemental resist to just one flak type

This above makes Surt a who dares wins dragon. If you’re fast and accurate, you win. You slow or f up, you lose. Just like Hau.


These look very ok, though I would still leave the resist


Honestly I haven’t seen a single Surt on my base an I’m a lv 320+ .
Most ppl don’t even have him an there complaining about him.
There mad because they went for UVS or there just complaining cause they can’t get him.
Of course that’s my opinion, but I understand what you said.


You cant possibly i your right mind think its a good idea to nerf a mythic divine into a clean up dragon?:joy:

Its a mythic for crying out loud. Id be mad as hell if i got it and it wasnt more powerfull than my legendary’s.

Stop crying for a nerf


I’m just sating my opinion that’s all :blush:


And start a whole new thread about it, just to vent your opinion😂

Surt is what he is. A damn powerfull mythic as he should be. Yea im bummed i cant get it, but i still dont think a nerf would be in place. Kudos on those who did get it! Enjoy it! You’ve earned it :sunglasses:




I feel like the death gaze suggestion is a good one. At least then storms have a place.

Reduced healing is a safe bet as well reducing the free rage regen. I heard an interesting suggestion of delayed rage regen or “amplified regen” rather than instant. Make the rage gain take a few seconds to complete so you can’t “get out of jail free” if you tank mages.

I mean hell if you wanted to add mind game elements to it you could change it to a shield that only absorbs mage shots. Give it a way to dodge rage drain but make its extra something you have to think about. Also gives defenders counterplay by letting them stagger mage shots. (I’m not a fan of this one. But it’s a thought)

He just needs to be less safe or require more skill. Preferably both. Hitting his health regen and/or rage is likely the best place to start. That and tweaking his incinerate

I’m not sure adding a cooldown onto ragnarok on top of everything else. I feel like that might be a bit much

But I did have a random thought on ragnarok and giving it a unique method of casting. I’d be interested to see how making it a spell that you have to channel and steadily feed rage over a few seconds to increase its power up to its level now. It gives it’s insane burst a fast time but also gives it an option to fire a weaker blast in emergencies and cheaply


Umm. You do know a harbinger dragon is taking maxed bases right? As in fully max geared bases of entirely maxed towers? Defended.

That’s beyond obscene. Yes he should be good. BUT this game can not become “buy the dragon that cannot be defended against and win forever”. Otherwise what’s the point of even playing. I want him to be good. But I want people to have a chance of beating him as well. Fairness. Balance.


I don’t really see a great way to nerf him without breaking him or changing him around significantly (e.g. completely different spells).

He’s an all-offense dragon, and all his offense is tied up in his spells. If he can’t reliably cast Ragnarok and Incinerate once per island, he can’t kill things fast enough OR heal himself fast enough to be anything more than a cleanup dragon. And especially since he can’t dodge or absorb rage drain, he needs a way to regularly and instantly regain rage, or any long island with mages on it could render him helpless.

And if he doesn’t have a decent amount of health or a way to reduce incoming damage, all it takes is a storm shield to turn him into paste. Reducing the amount of health he got from his spells might do some good, so he could at least be killed by attrition, but that’d be a difficult balancing act.


The main thread is full of a lot of people being Sarcastic.
But I agree with you 100% but they did say they will look into him🥺