SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


Um I don’t understand. That wasn’t a max Surt vs a fully maxed out JL base defended. Not sure what you’re trying to get at here. A max Surt would have got through sipping a martini


A max surt might have been able to go through if someone had put bits of fish on their phone and let their cat lick it clean :rofl:


Alright well for now I say. Only time will tell. Will see I guess. Thanks for the constructive (hopefully) convo :grin:


You are being entirely too defensive, I’m saying if that video were a maxed surt vs a maxed base, us defending surt would have more merit…as in I generally agree a lower tier surt shouldn’t be able to survive that long. I do think one tower change could kill that dragon, maybe some movement of other towers in that Long Island setup. That said a higher tier surt could likely make it through.

Basically my point was that base was not setup against surt to give the best data point, nor was it defended against as effectively as it could have been. It does give a good datapoint on the survivability of a sub tier surt though

Hopefully pgs nerf is suttle and is related to his healing factor


If I was a betting man, I’d put money on a change in elemental resist and maybe a very slight adjustment to cooldown or heals.


I will say that I simple change will not ruin this dragon and that change to me. Is take away elemental resist so he can be killed more reasonably. Changing the other spells I think is a mistake. Just put Dark Flak as the main resist imo. Or even adaptive flak resist. Then in instances like my video he would die on long from doing something like that. Or leave it for now and give it time to see how people adjust more.


It’s actully not. And the fact that it’s now officially being nerfed is supporting evidence.

And if you payed attention to past mythic divine dragons you would see this is the same pattern that always happens. They don’t always use a dragon nerf, but they always make the mythic divine have a reign of terror for a short period and then rebalance to how it should have been.

That is not hearsay.

Many of the people speaking out have a long established reputation.

And yes some videos exist on YouTube now. I’ve even sent some to folks who attacked my base.

Look, we get it, you decieded to get surt and want it to be as strong as possible. Once it’s nerfed it should be properly balanced for the game and still very much a divine dragon.


a normally setup base? Have you seen JL’s base?

And its not even a maxed dragon

So let me ask you this -this magic base with 3 reds, how is it supposed to stop itzani?


I haven’t gotten surt yet at all, also continue reading the rest of the thread. And yes it is heresay, always …until actual evidence is given. I think the video link provided has given sufficient evidence to say that a sub tier surt should not be able to survive that long, I have already stated it doesn’t give enough of a data point though to make a full opinion of the matter. This has been a discussion of surt, and without video evidence it has been all heresay


You really need to read more lol



Maybe you should before you reply to me


I might be being blind but I can’t see anything that’s confirmed he is being nerfed. Could someone link it for me please

Edit - cancel that I r blind. Found it.

Good to see PG. I’m a little disappointed it hasn’t been announced that Surt will be nerfed so people can adjust their plans but still. This is the right call. Well done. Now just keep the dragon viable


I already clearly stated I know this wasn’t a maxed dragon, in this hasn’t been a discussion on itzani. It has been made pretty clear with the survivability of a sub tier surt, that a max surt could likely survive anything but maybe 4 red mages. I was specifically talking about that run and the fact it wasn’t defended or set up against surt properly

Again read further posts


It’s in the latest release notes of the next tier…in the winter season release notes (sorry don’t know the exact verbiage of the thread)


The point is a base that has 4 reds on long has zero chance of stopping the main lead dragon in game.

There is no balance, if a base has to be shuffled around (at thousands of dollars), to stop a single dragon, and thus makes the base useless vs most other dragons.

Surt is an abomination - it should never have been released as it was - it was tested as a balanced dragon, and was fine. They changed it at the very last second, and screwed the player base for a quick buck.

Now the players are stuck with a dragon they got on what was seen, that cannot be left as is since its game breaking.


I was not defending a four red mage base setup at all. Only a 3 mage which likely could have stopped that particular surt if properly set up and defended, but like I said it wasn’t a max surt

Anyhow any further posts and I’ll be repeating myself a bunch… please calm yourselves lol and read my other posts thoroughly


Okay look. This topic is on suggestions for nerfing surt.

Anything else is off topic. Please stay on topic.

Also hearsay means rumor or statements made not on personal knowledge. The testimonies made here qualify as personal knowledge, and having a statement from PG on an upcoming nerf should be supporting facts as well as the few YouTube videos that are out there.

Look, I know you want to make your personal investment kill every base, but this is not the thread to talk about that.


I am not sure what angle your coming from here. Your seeing a sub tier Surt having the damage to one shot maxed bases, while tanking damage. All the while requiring very little skill. I’m not sure what part of that isn’t over powered.

Sure if you throw enough reds at the island you can stop ragnarok. That’s a given. If you throw enough blues at hau you can stop him. It’s just whether that’s a HEALTHY thing for the game with how expensive changing a single tower is.


Let me expand then

A maxed out Surt should not clear a maxed out base with 2-3 defenders.

Should it clear an island? yes
Part of the 2nd one? Yes

Should it clear a third or 4th? no.

There is no skill to this dragon, I have cleared Harvs base with 1 defender with a lvl 34 surt.

thats a factor of 10x DP vs AP. I did that one handed while sipping a cup of coffee, and 1 fingering the spells. Thats wrong.

My concern is that the nerf might take it from that to dying killing nothing on 6.

That isn’t fair either.


I have read your posts. If you are making a point It isn’t clear. Frankly it’s hard to tell if your supporting a nerf or against it. You mention 3 red long islands a bunch but it isn’t clear what point your going for. Hence me asking for your angle.
If multiple people aren’t seeing your point, maybe your point wasn’t very clearly stated.

Edit - I’m going to drop this. I get that your trying to be objective but your points still aren’t clear. Your saying he is OP but keep mentioning multi red set ups despite them weakening your base against other dragons.