SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


I agree…

Mistborn, I am objective in the matter, but after seeing how ridiculously survivable he is, there is a problem. You should notice a shift in my view after Grumpy mentioned the YouTube video, that owner also posted in thread

If I’ve been unclear that is probably due to me rushing and having other priorities while trying to reply


This is my exact concern. This nerf is needed but for the sake of fairness I hope they manage to keep the dragon strong but balanced.


And when level 80 towers come out in 3 weeks he will be a nothing more than a perch dragon just like the rest of the last few seasons Devine dragons that’s awesome


Let’s try keep this thread on the topic of nerf suggestions.

We have the following threads open

Gameplay of surt

Discussion thread for second wave of WinterJol

And if someone wanted to create a thread on Itzani (of which I find to be decently scaled, but good gear definitely pays off), defense strategies/setup (specific to a dragon or broad), or suggestions on how to make defenses less one size fits all, I’m sure plenty would love to discuss in a new thread.


With his stats as they are now, unless the tier expands the stats on towers more than they ever have, he will still 1 shot the level 80 towers without his new stone.


I don’t think dires concern is his damage effectiveness but perhaps Surts survivability will be less at that level. A valid concern and not one we will have an answer to until release of both the tiers and the nerf


I see, thank you for your point of view :blush:
Cause I shoot done Oni all the time when defending :joy:


I strongly agree, we need to see him against a “Defended” base before judging the boom by its cover.


Let’s cross are fingers they don’t nerf him to the point were he’s trash :pleading_face:
I’m going for him as a follow up dragon he’s perfect for that :blush: he will be especially great in war as a clean up dragon.


I agree, let’s hope they still make him good :grimacing:


You forgot “Incinerate” got a 6 second cool down.


No. Cloak (forged) is 12s 15s, and cloak over tower won’t be as fast as usual.


Itzani actually takes skill to fly him, no nerf needed for him. Most good flyers look at the base before attacking it( surprise?) so they know how to deal with defenders & know what to target first.


Know that makes more sense. It also depends where’s the red mages are located at as well.


Yes. Either cloak early, or late.


Gotcha :ok_hand:


I say they Substitute “Incinerate” with “ Death Gaze” ( the white one) so he can’t hold “Ragnarok” in is mouth cause both spells require to be in mouth but he can’t do it at the same time.
So it evolves “Timing” to use it against defenders ( most likely he will get drain & hit by the flak’s on the kill island) so he’s pretty much a sitting duck.


I 10000000+1% agree with you😎
Thank goodness there someone like yourself working for pg. You know what your talking about, an I myself said the same thing :sunglasses::facepunch:




My honest opinion, Elemental resist is for warrior class’s only. If you put it on a sorcerer then it should not have a healing spell of course that’s me. If he got “One” resist then yes, I will agree he should have some shape or form of healing spell.