SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


Leave it alone pg. stop nerfing dragons that we pay for because people are upset that the free dragons they bred aren’t as powerful.
Those of us that spend float the game, stop screwing us over to appease the free players.


People aren’t upset because the free dragons aren’t as powerful.
They are upset because Surt is too powerful (OP) even for maxed base (average skills and spending, maximum gains).

I wonder if your statement is still valid since your reason is so wrong…


And for the record, Surt being in the most expensive branch is not ‘free’ neither. I mean, you need significant savings (more than for the regular old fashioned mythic) or spend. In my case I’m waiting to see if I spend ($$) or not to get it.

Obviously as Red pointed out, not the same level of spending, but not free neither


I’m pretty sure I would need to buy at least one pack to get him, depending on what they do. Haven’t spent in about a year


He is not impossible to take down. I defended and took him down on a short base. One defender, obsidian Surt.
First time I have seen him come thru, he dropped pretty quick.

I think it would be a shame if they nerf him. Finally a decent dragon that is not a hunter. Her will not last for long anyways. Always something new and shiny around the corner.




Also one example of a failure doesn’t really mean much. Some people are terribly terrible flyers who can manage to mess up even Surt.

For example I’ve recently had a 440 enemy fail several runs with his Vanguard Pathox against my lvl 232 base in a war. Pathox isn’t as trivial to fly as Surt, but you still have to mess up quite impressively to not kill a base three tiers down with it. I’m sure that person could lose an obsidian surt to a 300 base as well. Doesn’t mean the dragon is not overpowered.


You can buy anything in this world but you can’t buy skills.

I agree with you, it’s not the dragon that’s deadly( most of the time) it’s the flyer.

Itzani is a perfect example, if you have him it doesn’t make you a better flyer.

Practice makes perfect.


I’m waiting to, waiting to see what pg dose to him before getting him with my rubies.


It comes down to those three factors.


Itz is a perfect example of a dragon for a terrible flier haha. Get shot in the face 5 times, die, and then work on taking out towers.


Hopefully it’s not too bad because I’ve seen a maxed base and had a small conversation with that person and they don’t seem to have a problem taking surt out. The base is very similar to what I proposed. The info I can’t confirm at the moment is if the surts they’ve encountered are max level and gear


But you keep referencing this base that is specifically set up to stop a single dragon while making you weak against everything else. Sure it’s possible to shoot Surt down but game balance shouldn’t revolve around an obscure tactic. That’s an even worse indicator of how overpowered something is. Especially when the costs to change a base around to use said tactic are so high.

You might as well say hauheset is a bad dragon if you run 3 blue mages on an island.

Now if it was a normal base that is well built I’d take your point.


What I would like to know is where are those elusive videos of lower level Surts killing maxed bases with 3 defenders? A few “Respected” members of this forum continue to leverage these mysterious videos as proof Surt is OP, but the rest of us “average joe” players are being kept in the dark when asking for proof of the proof. Do these videos actually exist? If so, who made them? What were the base layouts? How well were they defended (as we all know, you first need to actually learn how to defend against a Mythic dragon before you can successfully defend against one)?

I ask in all sincerity because the latest video I saw of Surt gameplay, its Incinerate spell was unable to zero out the Red Mage tower and thus resulting in it being unable to cast Ragnarok and therefore it was shot to oblivion. I am hearing from other average joe players in TC and LC that they successfully killed Surt in battle as well. I suspect there are way too many lies in these anti-Surt threads, one would need a magnifying glass to find them all. I’m getting the impression Surt isn’t as OP as a handful of posters here are trying very hard to make the rest of us believe. It’s looking more and more to be a very strong Mythic dragon that can be killed by a base with a challenging layout, high level gear, and smart defenders. For such an expensive dragon (let’s be clear here, no one getting Surt is happy about spending sigils for Jarl and yet-another-rider), its skillset appears to be fine as is.


How’s that?..
I take down a lot of Itzani when defending a base.


surt is not op. the people complaining are up (underpowered) defenders.


How is surt not OP? Trying to understand what’s going on in your mind.


The base only changed its middle Long Island, everything else is the same. It’s a base I’ve had bookmarked for some time, looks like the only thing different is they swapped a bm for a rm


First of all it’s ok if some don’t understand Surt.

A defender normally can heal towers and buff them to make it harder for defenders.

Surt do not need to use his swipe attack at all his spell kit (if the dragon has gear) is so powerful that it simply doesn’t matter if defenders are present or not bc they can’t outheal ragnarok and they can’t mage drain him bc he can get back rage for free and heal for free while doing so.

Maybe some videos help the ppl who don’t have or understand Surt. With some self engagement you would have found them on your own.

Last one is the strongest base in game with a smart defender. Just skip the Blabla


Last one also had terrible rage management. Look how long he had his rage spell open on 6 and didn’t even press it till he got to 5.