SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


Thanks so much for posting these videos! What these undefended attacks clearly show is Surt coming very close to dying multiple times and would have been killed easily if just one clever defender had joined.


Honestly, maybe it’s just because the game is different at the sort of levels where I am (i.e. much lower), or because I’m not as familiar with the people in question, but I kinda took a very different message from those videos than I think you intended.

I see two examples of nearly dying to undefended bases that are not at all set up to fight him, and one example of him nearly dying to a single defender at a base that is not at all set up to fight him. The third video even starts with an intro of “We figured out how to kill them, and so we kill them all the time!”

If any of those three bases had so much as had an earth flak/storm tower supershot at the wrong moment, Surt would have died.


Warlord addressed that idea:

How would you have stopped those attacks?


Undefended runs shows a harbinger surt taking out max bases.

Last defended vid showed that even someone with terrible rage management with a non expert surt can destroy the majority of THE strongest base in the game. You wanna know how much that base cost? You wanna know how much surt costs? What’s the point of spending on a base if it’s just going to be a-surted?


The first vids were harbinger dragon’s. Harbinger.


So the newest, most powerful mythic divine dragon released nearly dies hitting a single tier up, against an undefended base that’s poorly built to combat him? I’m honestly confused as to why that’s such a disaster.


He’s hitting 20 tower levels up. 60 towers combat legendary harbs, 65 mythics, 70 van legends and 75 towers are for van mythics. You don’t think that’s a problem?

You don’t think 5 tower dg (which heals) an unshieldable spell flux (which heals) and a costless 3 rage regen spell (which heals based on the amount of towers that die for a time afterwards) is a balance issue?


Here’s my 2 cents (probably worth less than that):

  1. Reduce the percentage of damage done by Ragnarok. I mean 10,000% of the dragon’s attack seems a bit much.
  2. Take the healing from either Ragnorak or burning hatred. I would personally say Ragnorak, and make it cost health to cast.
  3. Increase the cooldown of incinerate to maybe 5 seconds


I have harbinger dragons, a highly geared Pathox being one, that can kill bases with L75 towers, and I am sure many other players have similar strength dragons as well. So no I do not think it is a problem, or at least it’s not a new problem.

Also, this dragon doesn’t have Spell Flux. It is a derivative that has been proven unable to kill high HP Red Mage towers, making it unable to cast Ragnarok in certain cases.

Better whip out the handy magnifying glass. The lies, falsehoods and embellishments keep coming!


Maybe I’m missing something, then. If he’s a harbinger, and a mythic, that puts him at balanced for 65s. And he’s hitting 75s, so that’s 10 levels up, against an undefended base that’s poorly built to fight him. There were entire islands with no red mages, let alone islands with multiple red mages or storm shields!

And true, that’s more impressive at that level, due to how dragon/tower scaling goes, but even my (not especially well-flown, and poorly geared) Pathox can hit around 10 levels up at lower tiers, with difficulty, against an undefended base. And Pathox is a dragon that actually has options, rather than the all-or-nothing of Surt.

He comes across as powerful, but in spite of his nice spells, I’m just not seeing the overpoweredness. With all those benefits to him, he struggles to hit one tier up, undefended, against bases that are not at all built to fight him. Again, a single well-timed storm shield would have killed him. If anything, that comes across as a dragon that would be slaughtered by a base that was prepared to defend against him. Sure, he’s almost immune to hammer-spam, but if anything I see that as a major positive, since I think hammer-spam is a horrible game mechanic that should not exist.


Umm, you can only have 5 of each mage tower on a base. So if you have a full base, there will be islands without a red mage tower.

Also, how would a base prepared for surt fare against other dragons like Itzani?


Did you watch the last video?

That’s a 13bn base with absolute Max gear. Incinerate one shots the reds.

And you address the video where a noob !!! flies a naked Surt vs a random base where Surt had next to no hp which is important for incinerate as the PROOF that this dragon isn’t stupidly OP???

Also the others (unless you’re noobs then you can’t know it better) who say there is nothing wrong with Surt, please name the stuff you take, after reading so much NONSENSE I can surely use some of these happy pills. Thanks


And Surt goes to Empyrean…
I do agree that is a beast (REALLY OP), just I wish they doesn’t trash it
With pg history of going from 0 to 100 and 0 again…


Ok those are pretty obscene. I know for a fact that pathox cannot hit 10 tower levels above himself if they are both max geared. He just cannot get through the hp.

The fact that a Harb Surt is tanking THAT many shots against a maxed base is insane in itself. If that was pathox or corthanak they would be dead. Hell I’d wager most warriors wouldn’t struggle to tank that.

And that last flier, with all due respect, was not good. How that’s beating a maxed base defended is beyond me


Actually, yes I did. That last video is of a L369+ player with Mythic Vanguard dragons attacking a vanguard level base. I find it hilarious you quote one section of my post to tell me I’m wrong, then try to convince me this particular attack proves Surt is “stupidly” OP. The anti-Surt gang is fierce on here yet all the evidence you present to claim this dragon is OP is objectively trash for proof.


You didn’t say one smart thing here. Yet you claim you’re right. I provided videos which are AVAILABLE on YouTube and randomly chosen where you see a 1.5bn Surt soloing Harv.

Try a 1.5bn pathox vs Harv. Try it. Undefended. He’s teamless anyways.

Then try a 5bn pathox vs JL with one defender.

Post videos.

Im waiting… don’t even bother replying before I see your proof where a 3 BUTTON no skill dragon does worse or comparable than a hunter. THEN and only THEN when a 1.5bn Harbinger pathox and a vanguard pathox flown by an AVERAGE pilot humiliate Harv and JL then we talk.


Level 40 divine is not at harb mythic level. So it’s at 60’s.

The fact of the matter is is that even if people with poor rage management and the wrong equips can waltz their way through undefended bases that are above its tier and survive the strongest bases in the game defended, it screams OP. Imagine what someone could do who actually understands rage management, the correct consumables and anticipation of the defender can do.

Nothing you or sky said has given any indication that it’s a balanced dragon.


Lol. Your Dragon (pathox) at harb cant kill 1 tower on a max base defended. So please.

Please just dont. Everytime you type a reply you simply show you have no clue whats going on.

My lvl 37 surt at the time, cleared harv with 1 def. Thats a 12b defense base with a 1.7b ap dragon.

The last video shows a dragon that’s at most $2500 if you bought him day1, that’s not experted yet, being flown like a retard, clear a $150k base with 1 defender.

To put it in perspective that’s the same cost as taking a high lvl base up 2lvls.

The dragons nerf should have happened day1


They should make it we’re “Incinerate” can’t kill the red mage when protected by a storm/earth tower Super Shot(SS)


Question: when you were test flying him, did you have any thoughts or solutions to make him balance?

Of course besides the current state he’s in at the moment.

Just curious😅