SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


The dragon I tested is not the dragon that was released after someone checked the sales on UVS.

The Surt I tested was balanced.

I can’t really say more.


I understand, thank you.


The last one was not defended that well, he had no supershots on the middle long which would of had the best chance at defeating that sub tier Surt, could the Surt have gotten thru? Maybe but we don’t know because it wasn’t an ideal defense


what exactly would the defender have done?

The dragon 1 shots towers, he clearly shows he can tank longer than a shield stays up; so what should have happened?

The attacker was pretty bad as far as attacking goes - does terrible rage management, he could easily have done another 2-3 rags, he also didnt use consumables wisely, with a little bit of effort the dragon can soak an entire defenders supershots without taking any dmg just using a consumable


He almost died on the front side of that island, he also would’ve had slightly less rage, his base is not much different than another base who says they can kill surts just fine except they put an additional rm on the long island


Your 100% right he’s not balance,he is OP.


bottom line is that if he WASN’T OP, PG wouldn’t be adjusting him so soon… and you definitely wouldn’t have some of the more intelligent community members supporting this fact (that Surt is OP). You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and it doesn’t seem like any amount of evidence is going to change your mind… and vice versa.


JL’s base is … significantly different than other bases out there.

Look it up.

The only reason he “almost” died, is cause he flew really bad - look at his rage management - its really bad, the dragon can generate MUCH more rage than the flier did, and he has no reason to take that much dmg ever, you can flux on the turn, and obliterate the front part.

2 reds on 1 island open you up to be walked over by Itzani. Its just not a great build option.


Yep, Facts.


PG is nerfing the dragon anyway regardless of what is said here. As far as anyone knows, that was the plan from the day Surt was released. It is very unfortunate for the main player base that a small amount of “Respected” posters here on the forums have formed a tight knit feisty clan to support PG’s continued use of arguably unethical practices, but here we are. I stand firm with my belief that this dragon isn’t as OP as you say it is. I agree it is the strongest Mythic divine sorcerer that’s been released to date (and to be fair, the most expensive), but I do not believe, for example, that an average geared Obsidian or Harbinger Surt can killed JL’s base triple defended. I knew before I posted my thoughts that the anti-Surt posters would come out from behind the bushes to ridicule opposing opinions in order to save face, and I want to thank you for proving me right. If PG nerfs this dragon so bad it becomes little more than a clean up dragon or worse, the player base will know who here on the forums not to listen to in the future. It is your reputation that is at stake here. Not that you care of course, as I’m sure you’re thinking… It is so easy for people to forget, as we all know. Anyway, still haven’t seen a video where Surt could be considered so OP that it is game breaking. Anyone else out there who can see through all the bs wonder why?

  1. This dragon should have never been realeased this way. Ever.
  2. They realeased it and it is broken as duck⭐️.

:star: Duck in this case should be read without a “d” and with a “f” instead.


You are certainly mistaken. We don’t support PG’s despicable practice of introducing an op dragon and then nurfing it 1 iota. Surt, in it’s present form, should have never been released and each of us “respected fiesty posters” have expressed such an opinion. I hope surt will be viable after release, not game breaking.




Lmao, is that what it’d take for you to be like “okay, I’ll admit, this might be OP”?

As PQ said:




So we should sit back and say this thing that is frankly broken should remain unchanged at a detriment to the games health? I’m sorry but no.

Yes PG has a horrible practice of needing dragons after the fact and it sucks and it’s a culture that needs to go away. But the issue is this. IT NEEDS TO BE BALANCED THE FIRST TIME. That’s it. No one is defending PGs practices. Believe me the from goes mad at any nerf. It just shouldn’t be THIS necessary


Sufficient evidence has never been provided, just lots of words and some videos that ironically prove my argument, so I guess we’ll never know. Not that it matters of course at this point.


People be stupid y’all. People be stupid :man_shrugging:


This debate has resulted in name calling, y’all! Not surprising. keep it up man, unleash your inner troll.


Just stating facts, ain’t no name calling here :man_shrugging: