SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


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Do you have any evidence that he is not OP? You say the videos prove your point, but he wins in all the videos. Show us some videos where a Harb Surt is defeated by intelligent defense and base design.

Many of the loudest voices in this thread either have Surt or will get him, and yet THEY ARE STILL COMPLAINING THAT HE IS OP. This is unprecedented in my experience with this game. It should tell you something.


Moderators (including myself) are attempting to be as flexible as they can be with these passionate threads. Quite a lot of people in here have crossed lines that would normally earn them warnings at the very least.

There are definitely some people who refuse to acknowledge points, and will double down rather than be open.


You wanna talk about unethical practices by PG? How about starting a group of many different players from many different backgrounds to give them advice about dragons and game mechanics and then, on a regular basis, spit on that advice? Many times it has been said that this was not the dragon they flew or agreed was okay. The only thing we know is that he is way stronger than he was originally supposed to be. I imagine the change was to put more money on their pocket. Don’t hate on the players pointing this out, hate on the game developers for their shady practices.


I know he had poor rage management, mentioned it when I first saw the video, but had the defender saved his super shots for the Long Island his rage would have been frozen anyway, aside from free rage spell. That particular surt likely would have died had it been defended front the Long Island and not that short island. I’m not arguing that surt can’t take a typically set up base (typical as in shield, rm, bm and assortment of flaks) sure he’s smartly set up hits flaks just as anyone else could if they spent the money. By typical I primarily mean the placement of those first three. And i get that a higher level surt would walk his base, but the rest of his base is similar to a person saying they don’t have an issue with Surts. I get it he’s an easy flyer and any surt that level shouldn’t survive that long anyhow. I really feel like people are more buthurt by being wrecked by a sorcerer, which are typically no skill dragons anyhow. But he can be defended against, and does itzani take the whole base to defeat as well? Or can he just not be stopped at the moment if flown right?

As far as a base being able to be defeated by two dragons defended? I honestly don’t have any problem with that. And if adding an extra red mage in there does that, I don’t see an issue.

I also get people hate this death gaze aoe spell because they can’t hammer spam, but it almost seems like this was supposed to happen. If they make him easier for a higher level defended base to kill surt by reducing his survivability, I’m totally cool with that but, I fear it will be much worse than that.

Also, has this base owner who has his one Long Island with an extra red just getting wrecked by all other dragons and is cool with it? I doubt it. And besides the double mage, his shields and mages are similarly set up to the videos base.


Agree, they let there “Ignorants” Blind them from reality unfortunately.


Well I change my mind thanks to lots of people but mainly birdgrumpy. He’s way to strong. Considering he takes out one of the best (If not, the best) base in game someone defended. The kicker is was that he was really underleved for that base and even made a few mistakes. Ya too strong.
But like I said I hope they listen to the GP faction and don’t nerf him into the ground. If they do that then I’ll be super mad. Like super super mad. I’ll lose it actually. They should start by needing is durability. If he’s still too strong nerf something else and keep doing that till he’s balanced is my recommendation. If it’s for the best of the game and he’s still good it won’t bother me needing him one bit.
Last thing tho, one of the worse things people can be is in denial. Don’t be in denial and not let ur opinion change because ur gonna be wrong. There’s gonna be time when ur wrong and you have to accept it. Trust me, accept it and it’ll be for the better of everyone. Thanks for changing mine guys.

He’s OP needs to be nerfed but please make my first mythic still viable please😂


We have to wait & see what pg got in store for us.i honestly hope they don’t make him trash either.


Thor gonna get mad like he was at wakanda if they do nerf him bad.


Make sure you aim for the head, this time :wink:


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And the conversation has gone from borderline informative discussion to just calling names.

Keep things constructive.


Where is your proof? I have seen multiple videos of lower level Surts taking on bases that should be out of their reach. I have yet to see a shred of video evidence from you contrary to the point. And as multiple people have stated, they do NOT want him nerfed to the point where he is unusable. They just don’t want a dragon steam rolling through bases he has no right to beat easily.


Still waiting to see a gracefully flown Surt flipped over a base of comparable level…

Need video to prove that such layout exists…


The hand. The hand.


What I dont get is why someone thinks it’s even remotely arguable that a dragon is ok when it clears the biggest base in game at n-1, when flown one handed with zero effort.

NO dragon, at full maxed gear and level, should even remotely clear a maxed base with max gear with 1 defender.

Two perfectly flown dragons should be required, and I literally mean perfect. The average fliers should be a 10-20% clear by 1, and require 3-5 dragons to clear.

Attacking max bases should require thinking - strategy in setup and execution, and a wing to follow

This literally is the goal for all dragons. Yet here we have people trying to justify a n-1 clearing a max base with 5-flames saying it’s not op?

Tldr: even maxed expert surts shouldnt clear more than 30% odd of a maxed base defended. Arguing about n-1 doing it Literally missing the point- at n-1 it should never clear, not even a single island when defended


I think there are a few issues

  1. some people have the dragon and would like it to be the Best it can be, and either don’t understand the greater implication of that or don’t care.

  2. people aren’t good with scale and numbers. Most need visuals or reference points meaningful to them. Ask a person how many liters in all the worlds oceans and you find out they can’t even come close.

  3. I really continue to think people do not understand what a base with max gear is. I still see people talking about the number of taps needed for a certain level of tower, and are confused when it suddenly takes a lot more.

The difference between a naked 75 tower and a 75 tower with research, buffs, and max gear and rider is many times greater than the difference between a 74 and 75 tower.

And a long base full of these max towers is super hard to sustain killing even undefended, unless you have equally maxed gear and buffs on your attack.

75 towers are vanguard mythic at n,
There is vanguard legendary for n-1,
Harbinger mythic for n-2
Harbinger legendary for n-3
Obsidian mythic for n-4

This dragon has reached 4 competitive notches up, and it’s not even in its final form yet (empyrean)

Only Hauheset, slyphen, necryx and maybe noctua can do that. And all require much higher skill than surt does. And most of those scenarios require pairing two dragons together, surt can solo. Add in a second dragon and it becomes hard to see how it will be stopped anytime soon.