SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


I don’t think the idea that you should need 5 dragons of equal tier to the base to clear is a remotely good view point to have given two skilled fliers or two good dragons or a combination of the two should be able to 5 flame a base during war.

Again I get it people hate a button dragon but that’s what friggin sorcerers are.

Still really hate I missed out on necryx btw


Off topic: Noctua couldn’t, because one or two tiers up it gets one shot and noc isn’t setup to be able to avoid being shot the entire base. Unless I’m just crap at flying it…


Why should “good” be enough to 5 flame?

Its like saying a high school athlete should get the gold medal at the Olympics.

Gox is talking about literally the best base in game. Good shouldn’t cut it. Good shouldn’t even get close.


You are getting too focused on words here, you know what I mean by good. Dragons are either easy to fly or take a lot of skill they can be good either way


For the highest tier of competition? Yes you should. If you can solo, you aren’t being challenged much. And we should want teams who work as a team to be more successful than teams who just have a bunch of high spending individuals who do what they want.

I don’t believe he is saying all flights should require 5, he’s saying that the upper reach of abilities should clear the most difficult bases in our competitive bracket with 5. The majority of bases likely will still be taken in pairs or solo.

For context most things in the game reward you as victory if you can get 70%+ with up to 3 dragons solo or 5 dragons with teammates.

5 flames was not originally designed to be the defecto standard for all flights. It’s a complete joke that wars always come out that way.


No unfortunately I cannot read minds. Not trying to be difficult but you literally downgraded “perfect” to “good”. That’s a big drop.


If a base at diamond tier (which I have no care in the world to reach) requires 5 dragons to beat, how in the hell is it supposed to ever get 5 flamed? Without experiencing it, I’d wager there is always someone available to defend


Can you please read carefully again?


I said good dragon and skilled flyer, sometimes yes you are too nit picky as surt is still the topic of discussion and he’s definitely more than the typical definition of good.


Yea Gox is talking about one defender, see the sentence above it. If it’s implied more defenders, it wasn’t mentioned


Ok to get the perfect result (5 flames), being simply skilled or good is enough in the hardest, most challenging globally base. Sure.

I hope they make all competitions like this because I’d like a participation gold medal too.


You know what the hell I mean I’m not changing my words around because you want to be damned picky, we’re talking about surt a beyond good dragon. I’m done responding to you if you can’t wrap your head around a simple concept such as judging the content of the original discussion not to mention the words used in the quote.


Yes, and yet you’re saying it should be possible to 5 flame by simply being good. In war no less. :man_shrugging:


Nah mate I can’t read minds. Communicating in a forum is limited to words. So I suggest perhaps you need to reconsider some of your word choices if it’s not exactly what you mean.


You can’t understand context so :man_shrugging:t2:




Nah, the head :smiling_imp:


Not for Thanos…

(you HAVE seen Infinity War right?)


Lol, you’re not one of those that thinks he said hand are ya?


First off: don’t insert words into my quotes

Two. Neptus was able to hit +1 on decent bases, requiring a fair amount of skill.

His white spell could not kill +2 due to its inherent dmg restriction, in fact it failed to kill defended farms on release due to not enough dmg. Even then, he did not clear max bases defended without being maxed tier. On top of that he was released at a point where towers trailed dragons by half a tier. The base meta had little to nothing to do with it- it was simply a powerful dragon, which required good timing to do well vs n, and less good timing on n-1. To round it off - you almost always needed two, very very occasionally could someone clear.

Regarding “two being good enough”

Nope. Two perfectly flown perfectly executed should have a reasonable shot. “Good enough” is 4-5 dragons.

Especially true since Atlas is in play


Also I think some who perhaps aren’t at the base lvl we are talking about are missing the significance in power difference here.

JLs base is kinda interesting.

The difference between a lvl 450 base ( with maxed islands for island 4-5-6 ) vs a lvl 1 base


JLs base and that lvl 450 - the difference is bigger for JLs (power wise)

That’s how big the base is. I think the middle to late 300s have no idea how big the difference is between a lvl 550+ and a lvl 370