SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


Yes, but the same concept applies. I’d like to see him try to use the gauntlet with Thor’s axe in his skull


Nah I’m saying he should have gone for the hand…:joy:


True :joy:. He still should have gone for the hand tho…


Eh, he was looking to kill him, but he got cocky :woman_shrugging:

Anywho, back on topic: please, listen to some suggestions this time, PG


Since there are too many suggestions here, perhaps they need to be specified.
Just don’t want PG to follow the wrong suggestion.


Yeah, I would say reasonable, but I don’t think they know what that means


What did grumpy say that changed your mind?


The GPF ( Game Play Faction) know what they are doing, they tested the dragon(Surt) & made him balance but Pg had to ignore there hard work making him balance then change his spells to make him “pop” (stand out to the audience as in us) so we can spend money to get him & then “knowing” they will nerf him after they seen there money sale went up :point_up_2:. So basically it was a finishing game make the bait so good so we can bite it & then they only have to rell in the money.

It’s sad actually how low Pg have to go to get are money :expressionless:


The Hard “ Facts” change his mind :joy:


well i wont be spending money to get this dragon or any other mythic. because when a good one comes along everyone here whines till pg removed the abilities that made the dragon worth spending on. i think people would be more than justified in asking for refunds when they do this.


One calm down on the quote thing, not trying to interject anything into your quote to make it seem that you said anything different. That’s why it’s bold, I would have preferred a different color but that doesn’t seem to be an option. just made it easier to identify what I was responding to (as it was an edit to my post) you are definitely the first person ever to have taken offense to something like that in the 20 years of my participation in various forums.

Two don’t put words in my mouth, I never said good enough. And as far as that goes, I referenced a SKILLED flier and a good dragon, two separate things

Synonyms to skilled: expert, master, seasoned, gifted.

Michael Jordan was a skilled basketball player
Tom Brady is a skilled quarterback
Messi & Ronaldo both skilled
Should I go on?
Just because it’s not your word “preference” does not make it invalid.

This topic of discussion is of Surt, the best dragon ever created by PG, why in the hell would anyone think I’m talking about the likes of drude when I say good? Or in reference to skilled the context was already established on flier level.

I never once downgraded your perfect to good, that was grumpy putting words in my mouth. I simply separated the need for a good dragon (ie Surt or whatever he comes out to be or one that requires less skill to fly) vs skilled flier. They don’t have to always be combined for the game to be successful. Yes obviously skilled flying is most preferred for effectively using a dragon, but it is not an absolute requirement. Again, it’s very rare for a sorcerer to be good, let alone like surt (which I would classify as exceptional). They are also very difficult dragons to make it to where they require skill, yes it can be done but how many variations of that will we have before they’re out of ideas?

As for the separation of the two, if a dragon is good and can be easily flown to defeat top bases, while I don’t think that in itself is a problem, and you should be able to defend against that dragon with the proper setup, he shouldn’t be viable after the next tier. Except for maybe setup dragons and cleanup.

As for for neptus, yea his spell was definitely balanced. Perhaps if they change ragnarok it’s damage should reflect tidal surge or maybe a touch better, while leaving other aspects the same…keep incinerate as is

Side note: I keep wanting to call you she for some reason lol and I can’t remember if you’re a girl or a dude :eyes::sweat_smile:


Since PG officially said Surt would be adjusted (nerfed), I’m not spending any sigils on Jarl line (don’t like it nor need it).

If it happens to be crippled and isn’t even balanced or worthy to be a seasonal mythic dragon, I would have wasted already 9k sigils on Jarl and thrown away the possibility to get a decent Mythic this season.

I really hope PG would allow me to switch Jarl line for Hildr in order to be able to get UVS at least… but I’m not betting on it…

I really just hope Surt goes from OP to P, and the CF and GPF are happy with the final version.


Well didn’t know JL was one of the best bases in the game. And I believe it’s is. That said if it’s the best, a harbinger shouldn’t be able to take it down and furthmore it was defended. Itzani can’t do it, Pathox can’t, oni can’t, jorm cant. He’s siginifigantly above all other dragons


Now I get why PG gives us the shitiest dragons ever for the Embryon tier… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: Oops, Empyrean tier I wanted to say.


Agreed. One OP dragon and now there scared to make some really good dragons


Unfortunately the new tier of dragons spells are old spells from past tier dragons. So basically the new tier of dragons spells are “Recycled” old spells. There a leak of the new tier spells going around, I seen it & so far it’s not wrong. The mythic spells :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: are just as bad, unless pg change there spells before releasing them.


Basically the new tier of dragons are just trash, so it’s all about divines for that tier unless they change there spells ( that’s a slim chance to none)


The creators faction is not involved in the testing of dragons… (Although we do have some overlap with people like @PoseidonPQ)

I’m just hoping PG does the smart thing and release a balanced dragon. Something that is still powerful, but that probably wouldn’t work as a lead against a defended base. Undefended bases he could lead all day. But the dragon needs to be able to be shot down. Almost doesn’t cut it in this case, consdiering his currently insane recovery abilities.


You specifically stated “two skilled fliers OR two good dragons”

Aka the skill wasnt a prereq. Just two “good” dragons. Aka you said two good dragons were good enough.

The point is you should require both, it shouldnt be an OR, it has to be AND and the skilled fliers should execute perfectly.

We are talking about the very best base(s) in game here - if thats not a preqrequisite for them, what do you think will happen to less perfect bases? Like the “average” lvl 500 base?

As for your google dictionary, the 4th grader in his schools third league team is also “skilled”

You might want to look up the nuances of the differences in the words you clumped together - theres a bit of a difference between skilled and master, seasoned, gifted etc.


3 words……