SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


I’m with you for the first part. Balance is important. But I would estimate for >90% of players, the expectation is that a well-flown dragon - let alone a mythic divine - should be able to lead against a defended base. And that at least for Plat on down, that a well-flown dragon - let alone a mythic divine - should be able to solo (or come pretty near to it) against a defended base, barring an excess of hammer-spam.

At least in Gold and Plat, it’s rare that I saw a battle that wasn’t
A) All the dragons dying without doing much damage
B) A single dragon doing most of the damage, needing only some minor cleanup (say, farms)
C) A single dragon soloing the base

And “A” mostly only happens with players who attack a defended base that’s 100+ levels higher, or players who have no idea how best to use their dragons. Maybe it’s different for you, but at least where I’ve seen, a legendary divine that can’t lead against a defense - and doesn’t have a good chance of soloing - is considered crap. Let alone a mythic divine!


So, a 90k sigil garbage dragon? No thanks. If he gets nerfed that bad, I’m going to get every cent I’ve spent this season back from Google. I’ve got many good follow dragons already, I dont need to spend $ for another one. A mythic, IMO, should be able to handle at least one defender, even if it can’t always solo the whole base, at least cripple it for the follow.

Obviously hes way too OP currently, but if they completely neuter him theres going to be lots of people running for refunds. And they’ll get it too, PG is already on Apple and Googles shit list.


I’m honestly not sure how they could balance his spell set and STILL have him be a viable lead considering he has a freaking 5 tower death gaze spell.

They need to make MINOR tweaks to the dragon, not completely redesign the spell set. And the spell set as it currently is is simplistic enough that even a half-rate flyer can get fantastic results.

You want him viable as a lead against the toughest bases in the game, even when defended? Fine, but make him tricky to fly like Sylphen. (But we can’t do this since that would require a complete overhaul of his spell set.)

PG can’t change him too much and I honestly don’t entirely trust them to keep him viable while they take him in to be rebalanced.

Then again, there are people on the GPF far smarter than I am. Maybe they’ll have an idea on how to tweak Surt so he could still lead on defended bases without being an overpowered monstrosity. But even if they come up with an awesome idea, whether or not PG listens is a whole other matter.


Did pg say there releasing some info on Nerfing Surt next week or am I wrong?( detail wise of course)


:rofl: feels like deja vu when I read this response… :joy:


I didn’t watch the stream, but @forScience’s report on it includes:

So I guess they’ll probably at least tell us what they plan to do next week. Who knows when the actual nerf will take place.


Thank you.


Let’s hope they still make him good :grimacing:


I fully expect PG to screw it up and make him garbage except as a follow dragon. And I highly doubt they will refund my sigils I put into Jarl and the second page of Astrid so I can get UVS instead.

They’ve already proven they refuse to listen to GPF. Hell, it’s been confirmed the Surt released was NOT the Surt GPF tested. And I know you can’t tell us what was different about him, but the only reason they would release something different than tested and approved by the GPF was for greed, to get people to spend for an OP dragon that they KNEW would have to be nerfed.

So with those kinds of shady dishonest practices, I hope everyone goes to Google/Apple and gets a full refund for every cent they’ve spent over the season. So PG, I hope you change him in a way that hes still viable, or you can kiss all your profits from Surt goodbye.


No google definition required I utilized skilled appropriately and is interchangeable with those words just because you can use it in other contexts does not eliminate its use here. I also said a combination of the two. And you would have further understood what I meant by the context of good dragon and PG making a dragon doesn’t always need to require skill if the dragon is good. And I pointed out two of these types of dragons could do it. I already said multiple times obviously skill is preferred but success of this game does not rely on it entirely so there is enough wiggle room to allow it as this game continuously progresses in difficulty. Now if there ever comes a time where they stop making tiers. Yes at that level it should be all skill


They could scale ragnarok like tidal surge, that would not allow it to hit too high


You’re 100% wrong. 1200% instead of 10,000% still equals 5 dead towers.


Of equal tier yes, but not much higher


1200% of attack would still allow Surt to easily one shot towers 2 or even 3 tiers up. So no, that wouldnt change anything.


Neptus can’t do that so what makes you think a spell with the exact same stats could? My neptus has trouble with probably geared 60s. And he is decently geared. Mine is currently capped until my second emerald


Neptus CAN do that. Obsidian Neptus could easily one shot geared 75s even BEFORE spell scaling made Tidal Surge stronger. And that’s 3 tiers up. The difference is Neptus cant sit there and soak up damage from 75s and then heal all the damage as he one shots the whole island.

Low emerald vs 75s is 5 tiers up, not 2 or 3.

Besides, even if Surt could only one shot towers at his own tier, it wouldn’t change anything because Surt goes to Empyrean anyway.


I said 60s not 75s


If he can’t one shot equal tier towers with ragnarok he will become trash, the real issue is survivability


Then maybe your gear isn’t actually decent at all. With gear, research, and runes, low emerald Neptus should have easily 2.5M attack. Multiply that by 1200% and it will one shot any level 60 tower.

Back to the point, GPF already tested a balanced Surt, and PG released him as he is currently instead. If I had to guess, I’d say it was less about survivability and more about his free rage spell having a cost attached to it, like bloodfury or sacrifice.


Can’t remember his dps but AP is 300m boosted. All legendary gear but it’s not my best legendary gear as I swapped that to Gunnar. But if your requirement for decent gear is maxed legendary or higher then yea he’s not decently geared.

But yes we will just have to wait and see what happens