SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


Just so you know, AP is a made up number that means precisely nothing. It is not an actual stat. 1200% of dragon attack uses the dragons attack stat, not AP. Nothing uses AP.

But no, I’m not saying your gear sucks, but to me decent would be ~ lvl 5 legendary gear. That’s only about a quarter of the way to maxed legendary gear btw.


I understand AP is a calculation that doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Was just giving it to you as data since I don’t have the dps. He was over 2m when I had my better gear on him, where exactly I’m not sure. What he’s at now I don’t know

My weapon is level 9 in Gunnar. Basically both health and attack bonuses are even from my gear


I think Surt is PGs response to hacking. Just make a legit “I win” dragon then no more super Kelvins or super hammers. Right?



That honestly makes no sense :sweat_smile::joy:


GPF/Pg members(Employees):sweat_smile:

Question: From what’s going on about “Surt” Nerf( or even if it’s getting nerf) is the outcome worth still spending money or saved up rubies on getting him?..

I know, you guys can’t say any details but it it a yes or no( worth getting after they make him balance) :sweat_smile:


Yeah PG is really going go come out and tell everyone it’s not worth it to get the mythic… :rofl:


At least I tried :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


You never know until you ask :joy:


Well actually sometimes ya do…this is one of those times lol


I take what I can get :joy:


I say they need to change his resist & Substitute “incinerate” with “death stare”(White Death Gaze/ with a 2-3 second cool down) that way he can’t hold “Ragnarok” in his mouth before killing the red mage tower cause “Deaft Stare” can be hold in the mouth as well.

So that means he can’t hold “Ragnarok” or “Death Stare” without using the one or the other.
To me that will make him 100% balance, if the storm/earth tower SS is up “Death Stare” can’t kill the red mages tower when protected by its shield, so he needs to kill the Storm/earth tower first before destroying the red mages so he can use “Ragnarok”

What you guys think?


I honestly don’t really like that idea tbh. While death stare does induce more skill, that reduction in rage and advantage of killing the red will significantly reduce the effectiveness of this dragon. I believe since the primary concern from the beginning with this dragon being OP has been because obsidians are taking out max bases, adjust his survivability and scale ragnarok to where a max obsidian can not one shot defended 75’s. That said if they do change incinerate, they should leave raganarok alone so he can be a cleanup dragon at minimum


I know, that’s what I’m saying.


Honestly what should they “substitute” incinerate with?


You’re a tad late to this discussion and you’re rehashing old ground. I suggest you read back.


Read back?..
On what?..


As one of the first who got Surt and has been able to fly him on many bases, maxed or lower, he isn’t that broken at all. If people just line up 2 red mages on a given island, he is powerless and will die very quickly.

If you do insist on nerfing him, which I don’t feel is necessary, simply adding 1 second cooldown to Burning Hatred will penalize him enough, giving more time for all towers to hit Surt. Or play around with the notion. Messing with the combo Incinerate+Ragnarok would just break the dragon completely.

I honestly was applauding the fact that he was really balanced, just forced people to rethink their bases, which is a healthy concept for me.



That’s the problem, no one should change there base around for “1” specific dragon.
I know you spend money or your rubies you saved up for him but unfortunately he’s hitting max out bases 2-3 tiers under the tower tier prefer lv’s.

So that’s a problem even with defenders on the max out bases he’s still killing them like a walk in a park.

I’m going for him to, don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to talk down on him. Reality is he’s OP/Broken in the current conditions he’s in at the moment.


If they keep the way “Ragnarok” is at, that’s awesome good on you Pg. But with a cost we’re they change his resist so he takes more damage or when he used “Ragnarok” it will cost him 15-20% of his Hp to cast that spell. He will still be able to heal as well.


I actually disagree. Singular dragons have been the cause of base layout changes ever since the start of the game. Just think about Hauheset, Necryx, Noctua, Fomhar, Redrian, Itzani, Jormungandr, Oni all require certain elements to make a base defendable.

I actually think it a great quality of the game to force people to choose a base layout to defend against specific dragons rather than a blanket layout, otherwise you have no intelligence in base building.