SURT Nerf Suggestion, Please be free to add on your “Suggestion”


I agree with this sentiment but until PG makes changing base layouts easy and cheap, this is a pipe dream.


All the hunters you name evolved skill to fly, Surt evolve no skill what so ever to fly.

I’m sorry but your wrong in this situation.


Except. Surt is broken. So there is that.


Anybody else biting their nails waiting for PG to release the details of the nerf? :sweat_smile::confounded::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::eyes::nail_care::joy:


Same :sweat_smile::joy:


I believe it should be out on Tuesday with the rest of the detail for empyrean tier. Anyhow, I do think the nerf will be more towards his survivability (Reduction/removal of Heal/s or tweaks to the resist) than anything else. :man_shrugging:


To an extent, yes. But surt is definitely overpowered compared to the standards that exist, and without surt, there are plenty of folks who can walk all over any base, so I don’t see the need to make bases even easier

If you ask me there should be few choices and a few dragon types which are ideal for those choices, and bases should be even stronger so that when you make the right choice you can bust through with skilled flying.

There should be no dragon which solos bases many tiers above it’s intended competitive range. (And surt going to empyrean won’t be going above its intended competitive range for a few seasons)

Double red mage is not a solution. It stops surt when surt is stretched enough, but opens the door to many other dragons, and can still be survived by a skilled surt flier if they aren’t already stretching their abilities several tiers.

All previous changes for new dragons did not cripple the base for others. But I do agree it should be more of a strategy to choose what dragons, but I also think defenses should increase.

None of this is really on topic for this thread. And again, dark flak is the main reason for bases all being basically the same.




Your right.


Double red actually completely stops a Surt unless the player is hitting a far weaker base to his own dragon strength and at the same time, makes it really hard for Jormungandr players to clear the base as well, so it does wonders.

If we want to delve into the details of it, double red’s only weaknesses is you open the door to possible Noctua or Hauheset leads, but not many would even think about bringing them out.

I agree like Red said that Surt is too strong, just that it has to be taken into consideration that he is meant to be strong and that any modification made to him has to be very delicate and thoroughly tested.

As mentioned above, increasing the cooldown by 1-2 seconds on Burning Hatred should make him balanced enough. Because other changes such as Burning Hatred giving 2 rage instead of 3 takes him from strong to worthless as he will never be able to use Ragnarok ever.


Cloak consumable


Three counters to double red.
Invulnerability consumable- blocks the red mage super shot.
Cloak consumable- blow one up, cloak, wait, get even MORE rage. Uncloak, done.
Summon warrior - blocks the mage super shot.

I’m sure there are other ways as well but these are just some i game up with off the top of my head

Add to that the fact that your base is exponentially weaker against anything with set up. If the attacker has any idea what they are doing double reds do nothing


I’ve seen videos saying otherwise. But it depends on what tower you replace as to what is needed.

This is the counter for replacing the blue mage. And that’s assuming the surt flier isn’t skilled.

Again it depends on what tower you change into a red. This probably does merit a discussion in another thread.

Yeah I can’t see how anyone could argue otherwise, but I also have no idea what pg is thinking new tower wise now that the flak series is completed. The dragon is definitely too strong. No measurement I can think of says otherwise. With any luck surt will be reduced to a power similar to UVS.

I’m not sure that all other adjustments make it worthless. But there are enough levers to play with that there has to be at least one way to make it balanced. Not saying I’m not concerned they over or under nerf, but hopefully the dragon previously or currently being tested by GPF is a decent solution. It was always going to be playing with fire to have large aoe deathgaze. Especially for less rage per tower than deathgaze, which essentially throws the existing value of rage out the door.


We just got to wait & see what pg tell us this week :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Cross your fingers they don’t make him trash🥺


Looks like they’ve made their decision - and nobody is happy about it:


In game message said ragnorak goes from 100x multi to 10x.

This will not even be noticed by most.


I agree with this, a second red mage on an island makes Surt fall on his face; no different than when Kinnarus was released and everyone had to make sure they had both red and blue mages on each island. New dragons require new base layouts and tweaks, which then causes both attackers and base builders to choose their builds carefully, and purposefully.

On a side note, long time no see Nonix. Nice work with KA!


Except as @Gox1201 has pointed out - double red can be avoided…


Not so. It can, but there are also counters.

And unlike your kinnarus reference, a second red mage weakens your base. Storm shield made your base stronger.


I also don’t think OP Kinnarus changed anything regarding base design…:joy: