Surt now is completely useless

After I installed the last update (4.99) , i tested Surt on defended base a d incinerate didn’t destroyer the red mage tower while shield on it.
Again and again and again you nerf that dragon , he is now completely useless , harmless and can’t solo a base below his tier.
PG you tricked us , selling a product then nerf that product 3 times not just once and all of us pay rss and money to claim that dragon.
In this way you losing your players and leaving this game.
You told us you’re not going to nerf that spell…
Then why did it? Why?

That’s weird!
They said they won’t do it? :thinking:
It’s awful if they went ahead and done it anyway?

Could u please post a video!
Coz PG specifically said they are not doing it.

@MaxHit PG has already acknowledged how the change affects Surt’s Incinerate spell, as well as other variants of Spell Flux. As you can see in the link below, they have also stated that the spell functionality will be restored the first week of June.

@moderators … Did I miss anything? Anything you need to add?


I understand that you people are angry that Surt got nerved over time, when it was OP at first time…
Even without the powerscalling, something everybody should agree with … and that is…

If a tower is shielded… a spell should destroy it… If that is now fixed… then just try to be fast or use summon as help… or wait with activition of the white spell with the offensive spell in hand…

But however… it was a mistake from start, that Surt was able to destroy protected towers with a spell in my opinion.


Is not, and the change will be reversed