Surt Spell Set Design that never Balance?


I have Harbinger level Surt in one of my account that don’t kill once but need to hit twice incinerate on the red mage level 70 and with storm beside definitely die before my Surt can even use Ragnarok to slam if my spell stay before PG decrease its power.
HERE what you all talking about this powerful Rag spell even can’t manage to USE it properly if that base design as killer.
Everything voice down to player base design with put in Mystic rune and defense rider and setting tower position when new dragon spell launch NOT asking PG to downgrade the dragon.
Please player use your brain to think in time to come no matter how powerful the spell set of new dragon just adjust or make changes to your base then the new dragon become powderful in addition with new tower level introduce.
come on play Smartly.
Now i Plan to throw my SURT to Perch control tower even this season haven’t end.
Would I invest more of what PG Introduce ? This my question to ALL players?
Sorry if I offended someone that piss off my SURT :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Obvious troll is obvious

  1. Surt level?
  2. Gear?
    Also, I think there have been some threads discussing it. Hope @moderators can help :pray:


Harb Surt will have trouble with 70s unless high harb and great gear. No gear, low harb forget it.

And if Incinerate can’t kill that tells me low harb for sure. OP is trying to hit too high for her power and skill level.


Surt Level 38 ~ 1.5B with legendary and epic rider gear cannot solo base with 1.3B without defender only 60%. Hmm that what you want to know ? Usually can if the spell set is properly done. For example Pathox 1.5B can solo 2B base without defender.
Why? Let me share with you is the base setup that bring down the dragon not too much of the dragon spell.
For example Itzani 4B can solo 6B base with defenders then in this case why players never request PG to downgrade the power or change the spell to a lousy one?
why do it on the Mystic Dragon where players paid so much money for it ?
Please think again before you make your investment to buy more during this coming season in PG promotion.
I want to play this game but I won’t spend my money to make me looks ridiculous to get dragon that dont even last the season right


For this coming season worst, why mystic hunter with entrap spell OMG it is nothing great and some players even said go for Zenko OMG why spend more money and make you all looks shocks when it is variable to change it to more lousy later right players ?
It is proven thru Historical trend not I guess myself to make it looks good ya.


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