Suspended Account

dear PG

This morning when I logged in, I was surprised because suddenly my account was suspended on the basis of what I did not understand.

I play this game quite actively and can be seen in my previous medal, and now it is suddenly inaccessible …

I have emailed PG but I have not yet received a definitive answer because of what? please check what happened to my account.

thank you




you haven’t done anything that might potentially make a person report you?
if you were just suspended out of nowhere and have done nothing, then idrk. Quite weird that someone is suspended for no apparent reason.

@PGJared would you have any info on this?

Never understand why someone get banned and pg don’t tell him why.
Just say for this rule or that rule.

they do give a reason, “violate the terms of service”

If you are going to ask for a specific reason, then they can’t. That’s pretty much saying they know where you cheat and those that are cheating will avoid it or find new ways of cheating or make it undetectable.

Also, suspension of account doesn’t really mean that it’s a recent action that you did. It’s possible that it’s one of the actions that you did last year or a few months ago.

So how do they prove it if the account is indeed guilty, I did not do stupid things as expected, I did everything normally, even I wake up and on every hour just for a timer / egg mission, yes im doing mission because I really like this game, you can see my medal which proves I’m quite active in the game.

so I have to find clarity in this matter.

They can prove it, it’s just that they can’t say it to avoid other same method of cheating from doing another cheating.

If they can say it freely, I am sure that a lot of the people complaining here on the forum about their false ban would be humiliated with a simple question “Can you tell me how you got 10,000 x 12 hour timers while not purchasing any value pack for a year?”


Hopefully you will be afforded due process. If you cheated then you deserve to be suspended. If not, hopefully they will reinstate you after an inquiry. Regardless you deserve a chance to respond to the allegations. If you haven’t violated the TOS and they refuse to respond I’d recommend consulting with a lawyer, he/she can help present your issues and advise you of possible options. Good luck.

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Consulting an attorney about a mobile game suspension is a little… frivolous, unless a substantial amount of money was involved. Unfortunately, I am tied up in a civil suit, and I can tell you, even as the plaintiff, it’s a huge pain in the butt, and time-sink.

But I agree - Assuming you are innocent, I hope you’re given the opportunity to prove your innocence, and your account is reinstated.

No, I won’t bring this to Attorney, this is just a game, but I’m just surprised when suddenly my account is suspended because of something I don’t understand …

well I don’t have as many timers as I know, lastly as far as I remember there were only 70s who were 12 hours too because I did glory swap and sniping castle.

Alright if this is the way I have to stop playing, it’s time to say goodbye all.

Sorry for bad english, im using translator

Are you using timers to accelerate troops building/revives?

yes sometimes i do it, is it against the rules? I just hear this if it’s prohibited. Sorry im not update the rules

As far as I know, it’s not prohibited. However, it’s more efficient to use diamonds for any speeding up in atlas (troops, primarchs, castles infra, rider missions). Timers are the most important ressource for your progression so it’s better to keep them only to upgrade your buildings

BkB the dude’s banned. He won’t be speeding up anything.


I use diamonds only as bullhorns. I doubt that’s why.

It’s sharing account or stating to sell out or it’s that atlas glitch they said ban for my best bets it is one of theses

I can’t be 100% sure, but I think it’s the part where you started an action with 30 1-hour timers and then ended the action with over 40,000 1-hour timers. They may have banned you for something else though…


I save rubies and spend rubies at the beginning of my play to buy super speed up pack because I know timers are very important to use,

I am active to hoard the chest because I know it will be useful in the future, but if it is only because the number of timers is too much and becomes a problem, then I leave it to PG policy, and maybe it’s time I stop playing. because I do not want to repeat from the beginning and take up my time that requires so much effort to do the egg mission so that the dragon is balanced with the base


how many rubies did you have in order to get to that many speed ups? that would also mean you have similar amounts of 3hr and 12hr speed ups no?

Oh, al… :thinking:

Super Speedup pack.

(40,000 / 35) x 5900 = 6,742,857.14 rubies


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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