Suspended or banned?


Im trying to figure out who i will have ro talk to to find out rhe reasoning behind my account being suspended. I sisnt cheat or do anything wrong. I have a idea of what it could be. But i could be wrong also. Any help would be appreciated


Please open a ticket through our Helpshift system and ask for a ban appeal.


How do i go about that? Sorry im new to the forum


@sdenton At first glance, it appears you were banned because our system believes you were attempting to stack lots of towers into the same map location.


I moved my towers around a few times to try different setups and see what i liked. I had a issue while trying to switch the dragon on the perch. It gave me a error message about syncing. I was for sure that was it.


I also went to helpshift and emailed them a few times. I got a email back from 3 different people. The first 2 only asked for my user name and havent heard anything back. The 3rd guy did say it was about cheating or exploiting the game. But disnt tell me what exactly i did. So i tried on facebook and i was referred to her to find out answers


I’m glad your system is detecting this happening and dealing with it!! Thanks again for implementing this for us :smiley:


Thank you for letting me know what happened. I will wait and see your verdict


@pgCampusLifer Isn’t there a way you guys can look at his actual base and see if that’s what happened, or if the computer just recorded similar keystrokes? If he cheated it would be pretty obvious, I’ve seen pictures and videos of bases like this. Its ridiculously obvious, I know you guys will do the right thing😉


I agree it is a very good thing that its picking these things up, but I think it would be good to investigate them if its the first time, or flag it even and if it keeps happening then ban. It isn’t fair for honest players to be banned because of one random occurrence that matches what a cheater would being doing, I don’t think a ban for one thing is right, I don’t know all the details here, just speaking from past experience. He seems like he is trying himself to even understand what “duplicating” means, so I give him the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty.


I don’t understand how you can possibly stack several towers on the same place… There are five or ten slots for each island, and all you can do is swap them around with another… I’m curious to see pictures of such weird bases if it’s not too much to ask :grin:


I seen 1 picture of a base that had stacked towers. I had to look at it a few times and have them tell me what to look for. But the thing i noticed was on that base it had 4 mills and 4 farms.

On my base i can pretty much tell you exactly how i have mine.


Oh okay they meant more mills and farms than we can actually have :sweat_smile: I thought it was something stranger like two towers on top of each other, like the dot above an ‘i’ :joy:


Stacked towers happen too.

I have personally run across a few (one regular attack, another in a war attack).


That’s a screenshot I took a few days ago
Dunno if the acct is there or not anymore, though


Thanks! I see the ‘double-headed’ cannons :smile:


Om its clear now. I didnt see it that close up. I dont know how thats possible.


Me neither. There is even a Blue-Fire-Ice turret on the right too… Crazy stuff…


Yeah, the one in the top right is about 10 towers stacked on top of eachother :thinking:


The fire turret is stacked with at least an ice turret, red mage and a few cannons. You can tell looking at the bases.