Suspicious, or not?

This team is warring our beloved LOOSEX1 team at the moment. When i tried to check their team out, i found this player. As per his medal count, i know if it was purely spending, it would be upwards of $20k. What do you guys think? Are panned making a comeback, or am i just being too sensitive? Would love to hear your thoughts. If false alarm, great power to them. If not, lets make community effort :smile:

P.S please dont hold my accountable for the Arab thing. I’m not. It’s not my problem that you set your team language as Arabic. I’m just taking a screenshot of your team profile and I’ll take it no matter what the team language is… I know great Arabic people :slight_smile: The language itself is nothing to be suspicious of :)))

I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions, looks to be in a grey area.

Unless the farms don’t support the tower levels or they’re doing something capturable in-game I’d say spender but not cheater.

EDIT: I really don’t understand why people keep posting their suspicions here; just stop. The only people who are able to take any action against suspected cheaters don’t spend time on these forums. All these constant suspicions do is waste my valuable time because I can’t stop myself from tapping on a new topic!

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Id go for suspicious

Bare with me

In order for him to have bred wraith, he needs to be in about 2.5-3mil tokens.

If he had medals, aka grinded some of them (lets say 20mil) then yes ofc.

But he has no medals, so lets assume he bought packs to get enough eggs, AND used rubies to level the dragons.

So in order to get the 2-3million eggs he would have needed , he would need to buy during breeding approximately $10 000 dollars worth of packs, to get to 2.2 million eggs and enough mythic fragments.

If he opened enough gold chests to then actually get the eggs to breed the obsidian he would have no rubies left to train his dragons up - aka he would have had to run them for medals / xp.

Granted, its possible he hit the same xp base over and over, but its more complicated.

While doing said purchase for eggs, he would have gotten just under 10k days worth of timers, which funnily enough would have dropped him mid lvl 350-370.

Yes its possible he didnt spend his timers, but how likely? Oh look here is 5000 days timers left, lets not spend them?

It warrants a look at the least


Think it deserves a look as for 1.) it’s hard to be that high of a level and have such low medal count and 2.) if he/she wants to spend so much money on the game, why be on a team with people 200+ levels lower than himself? Wouldn’t they want some competition or atleast a fellow high level on their team?. Just my 2 cents…
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just report it by submitting a ticket.

If that guy isn’t a cheater, then you are just humiliating him/her publicly.



It is really not that difficult. Spender + XP base hero = low medal count.

I’m a 291 with 16M medals and just got Wraith.

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I am ok with humiliaton of those players who war xpfarmsloosex1 wantedly. And this guy backed up few players knowingly. :man_shrugging:
I don’t want whole community to suffer if xpfarms decide to break up and stop being farms.

I understand being upset that a team declared war on an xp team, but pointing out a specific player and saying that player is suspicious is totally different.


I’m suspicious. I was lvl 300 with 10.5M medals. Id come forward and present the evidence that I didn’t if I saw a thread about me being that way. People can have doubts. And people can bring the doubt forward to the community for a discussion.

There was no cursing no hostility. Just a discussion. Through the discussion people can better understand how to spot one and how to not spot a legit as fake. Bascially in a metaphor in your opinion, almost all gameplay videos are humilitating because they are presented to the public and under public judgements. Those bases are Hot. And that’s the reason we try and polish our skills to fly them. This account would also be hot if it was legit. And given time, we will find out what it is. The end result would be either very much kudos to him or, not. Give it a little time. We will find out.

And before we do, judgements based on assumptions don’t work. Just as “if he’s not cheating, it’d be humiliating.” When you don’t know, the thing after “if” is also not valid enough. Can’t have a solid conclusion without a solid “if”. If he ends up coming off clean, I will gladly go and talk to him, congratulate him. Let him know what my intention was shall he be offended. and mention your name as someone who brought this up. Hope this clears up your concern about another human being, which is nice of you.

Let’s not get carried away by this and discuss. I’m still learning. Id love to be able to spot better, help keeping the game clean.


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