Suspicious Team Gauntlet opponent

Currently in the event we have a PVP island against a team that all has players that are too small for sapphire and are named like obvious fakes (Steve Logan dean Sammy)

Not sure if they are alts, bots, or what. But it seems very suspicious. Possibly a strategy to make it hard to earn points. Not sure. I wanted to make sure I reported it in the best way. (In game ticket? Cheating? )

And the more I look into it, this team doesn’t exist. Does the game have fake teams?

Pv_ETG_Sapphire is the specific team and it doesn’t show up in the league or the event rankings. We are presently in the last grouping so maybe it’s some kind of AI team for that bracket. I’ve never seen or heard of it before.

Send in a ticket to support with all the info you know, and tag @PGJared here (done).

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Yeah I didn’t think any of the categories really fit this kind of thing.

And I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of AI team (something PG put here on purpose)

But if It’s not PG, it’s gotta be something sketchy. I just think they would have mentioned an AI team.

Is your league full?

All sapphire leagues are full as they are populated by global rank. I counted just in case and there are 25 teams.

I suppose it’s always possible that one of the 25 teams Disbanded, but they still show in the league menu. I checked all 25 teams and they all have members.

It’s weird.

Dunno then :man_shrugging:

Perhaps @PGCrisis can track this down?

I’ll see what pg says tomorrow. It’s no hurry. Not hurting either. Well. It’s annoying to get points off of but my smaller players benefit without backup so oh well.

Will Be interesting to hear what it is.

@EidolonRM…there’s 25 teams in a league, so pg puts a ‘blackbloods’ team in to make it even. In the past it would mean that one team got skipped over in every pvp, which led to much much crying. This is better :blush:


Better is relative. When my smallest player (a level 67) can kill the biggest base with 1 dragon, it seems a little broken. I think the mock-up team could better represent sapphire.

I had never heard of this but it does make sense that all teams should have a match constantly.

Well…imo having A pvp is better than having NO pvp :sweat_smile: and I mean…tbf…the biggest Gustav island isn’t exactly a challenge :woman_shrugging:t2:So the filler one is hardly gonna :crazy_face:

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