Sustainability and prizes

Looking at perches;
This season perch levels went from 85-92
This requires 21,600 pearls
Pearls are only available on base boost branch and total 4,070

As towers go up, the prizes need to reflect this!! The same math should be applied for embers, ice and fire shards.

One line should have enough prizes to level ONE tower, let the player decide if it’s a perch, flak or turret and adjust the prizes each and every season.


:thinking: Seems that you’ve ignored last Dungeon.

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The dungeon event was nice, but i see that as a bonus. I agree 100% on the one line per tower and let the player decide.

I just checked embers on a line, just over 18k… thats a far cry from the 30k needed for one flak

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Yes this should definitely be improved. New players like me dont feel it but i can imagine the struggle for embers like i am struggling for pearls now. I dont even have a perch yet @ lvl 100

That’s impressive. Pearls are hard to get but I know my perch was like lvl 10 or something and I think I’m 120? Not sure exactly where I am at but you should have 200 pearls by level 50 to get the 1st level of the first perch.

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I should have worded it properly. I have 6k pearls now. Will start building riverstone??(2nd one) when I get 11k pearls. Exhaust them in a Fort event. An year of playing and one baseboost this season to get me to 6k. That’s worrying game economy.


No I didn’t forget the dungeon event. We have only had it twice, as such, I dont see that as a solution. Now if they have it for every minor event, then sure I guess that could work. Still, the game is now 92 towers and abyssal tier, not garnet. As such the cost continues to rise while prizes are not keeping up. One line should be enough to maintain either a flak, perch or turret and the prizes should be adjusted to do so.


lol i got jack from dungeons, despite attacking as much as possible, on two accounts…

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