SW33T13 196 Looking For D2 Team after event

My IGN is SW33T1E I’m lv 196 on platinum team Debilitation.

Time Zone:Eastern
Played time: almost 5 years
Age Range: 35
Elite Account?:yes with rubies
Dragon Roster Includes: sapphire Tengu Kinnarus,Equestor and Necryx. Expert Apophet, expert Scorchill,expert Anapa,expert Sekhem, Nollaig gold and lv 25 Iteru
Highest Lineage Dragon:Apophet. Have obsideon stone for Equestor. Garnet Necryx

About:Iteru is the only dragon i have not expert. I’m currently breeding for Jul my first garnet. I have some atlas experience my taunter is lv 2. I almost have 60m medals. I’m a very active player and am on a lot. I’m addicted. I am very competitive and have never missed any wars. I like to war and love defending. Im very knowledgeable of the game. I would like to be on a D2 team.

Just try apply to S2 or S1, because at 196 your Divine Dragons Should have Evolving Emerald stone :slight_smile:
And D2 is strong league

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