Swap button move


While using a Hunter class dragon, I have accidental hit the swap button trying to attack a tower or background tower located on the right side.
With other classes, it’s not a problem as you slide over the button but a real problem with Hunters.
I’d suggest moving it to the top center of the screen.

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It has been discussed before.

Also, turning it off is an option too.


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As you continue to play, you will learn to avoid tapping on the swap button while flying hunters unless you intend to hit the swap button to change dragons. It just takes a bit of practice :slight_smile:

Please read the thread that @OrcaFrost has linked as to why the swap button is where it is. (Short answer: there really isn’t a better place to put it.)

Edit: and the top center is one of the worst possible places to stick the swap button as that means you will be utterly unable to shoot up and hit far back towers on a long island.

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