Swap dragons button still not move!


Please can the swap dragon button be moved! Multiple posts by others since the UI change. I never had a problem before but it’s right in the way!


Gah, no don’t move it. They just need to fix the size of the activation area on the swap button so it’s not as easy to accidently hit. I forget where the posts are, but even in the old forums there were posts about the activation area seeming to be a square box (like the button was before), which doesn’t work as well for the new diamond shaped button.

For those of us who are used to flying hunters regularly, moving the location of the button will cause all sorts of issues. We’ve trained ourselves NOT to hit it. Moving it would screw up our runs until we get used to the new location.


This again.

No don’t move it.
Every other place would be worse.
They are fixing the size and shape soon.


I hope it is soon. It’s been like this for too long already. Why did it change in the first place, when it wasn’t “broken” before?

Seems like there has to be a place to put it or a way to adjust it that doesn’t leave it directly over a firing target that you need to fire back at. (This is especially bad on iPads — which raises another question: Isn’t there a way to make it so that iPad users don’t lose 30% of the screen? This seems so basic, and enough people must play on iPads that surely it’s been addressed before? Being unable to place a healing mark on the right-hand monument after the big island can totally ruin a war attack. And allowing phone players to hit peripheral targets so much more easily handicaps iPad users. Is there no simple fix for this?)


there’s an option to turn off the Swap button completely. Do that instead of asking to move it somewhere else. im playing hunters and sometimes I tapped it by mistakes. but learn from it and avoid the button


Oh for fuck’s sake…


I’m playing on an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 Plus (soon to be an X) while some of the GUI is cut off on the iPad I’m still able to hit everything, you just need to adjust what you are using as your target zone a little.


Disabling the swap button isn’t really a solution. It’s a useful feature, so I don’t want to eliminate the option completely at all. I’d just like to see a solution where I can’t be hit accidentally. Maybe a confirm option as a safeguard (i.e., “Are you sure you want to swap?”). That would still be annoying if it obscured your screen when hit accidentally, but it could save losing a multi or bungling a war hit if you could opt to stay in the battle, if that’s your intention.


You can condition yourself to fire at the monuments before getting too close (although this is still an annoyance), but you can’t make adjustments to hit things that are out of the field of the screen altogether. Even if it’s something as trivial as ships in the surrounding waters, its a handicap for iPad users to have 30% of the screen invisible, and thus unhittable with the same accessibility as phone users.


I play my mini account on a samsung tablet with the same screen ratio as an ipad i believe. I still have had zero issues hitting monuments and i have never once hit the swap button unintentionally…soooo…yeah.


I actually think it’s easier on my iPad…


So what’s your point? If you don’t have trouble with it, that’s great for you. But clearly many do, given the number of complaints registered about it, so it’s still a problem…sooooo…yeah.

And I have no idea whether the ratio is the same on an iPad as it is on a Samsung tablet, so I can’t compare that myself.


The fact that the iPad eliminates 1/3 of the screen, and therefore obscures 1/3 of the landscape, puts iPad users at a disadvantage, period. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve found a way to work around it, or whether you do fine despite it (I do too, but again, that isn’t the point), or whether you find it easier: narrowing the field can only limit when you are able to hit a target, because you simply can’t fire on what isn’t there. And being able to fire at a target earlier/later than your opponent will always be an advantage.

The ratio is almost exactly equivalent to a film letterbox format. Saying that they are equitable is like saying, “Well, I was able to see the movie perfectly in the non-letterboxed format.” But the fact remains: a third of the picture was cropped out, so you were only able to see 2/3 of the movie perfectly.


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