Swap rider levelling for prim levelling?

A season ago the prim/rider training event was removed because most players had already maxed prims out.

The new crafting / levelling event bought back in rider training and co mingled it with crafting which was a great move.

Given we flipped things on their head

  • Axed New Riders
  • Added Prim Gold Tier

I think it would make sense to swap the rider levelling with prim levelling or at a minimum bring back prim levelling as an alternative points pathway in the same event.

Most people that had maxed prims also have most of the riders already.

If there is no appetite to bring back prim training then I think the crafting/training event should have a 20-30% points reduction in tiers due to the loss of points no new riders introduces for many players.

( while we can get champion riders so far they are underwhelming at best they are 4th or 5th strongest in their specialty. I doubt many people have more than 3 of the same type of rider / dragon in their starting line up - probably 3 hunters , and any two of invoker, warrior or sorcerer )

  1. No. Primarch training highly encouraged people to very slow in leveling their primarchs so they got the most prizes for the glory on them. Bringing it back will only bring back that destructive behavior. (I am one that has been in Atlas for years and not even maxed S2 primarchs yet as I when I did max out the event I refused to level more as there were not more prizes. We had the gold capacity at the time.)
  2. Primarch training also had a defined cap. Once you maxed out the primarchs, you maxed out your prize potential for who knows how long.
  3. Training Camp now is based on gear AND rider shards BOTH seasonal and Atlas. You can still craft gear to get points. You can still gain points using rider shards to level riders from the main game season if you get them. You will always be able to craft and upgrade gear. There is no limiter there.

Prize tiers are a whole other discussion. The added tiers are meant to be for the whales and those that decide to push past the original top level to get something. They are not for everyone. I think the idea that you must get all the prizes is also overrated. Get what you want, but let others have what they want too. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.


I would say gear crafting encourages the same destructive behaviour.

For example i have been sitting on my mythic attack set for a few days waiting for the next gear crafting event.

Kinda annoying from a progression point of view to sit on gear for 2 weeks.

Maybe the perfect world is glory event followed by training event :slight_smile: - repeat

Note :- it seems main game riders are also scratched though? I dont really know anything about how the spell rider will work but if its similar concept to normal riders then all good :slight_smile:

Note 2 : The game is designed around at least maintaining pace with the Jonses. I’m totally fine with higher prize tiers as I often hit them, my thinking is that riders no longer offer me and many others a points pathway in the event so something sbould be substituted in to make up for the loss or tiers should be reduced to accommodate the fact that gear is now the exclusive pathway for many players.

Anyway all I’m saying is with new riders no longer a thing this event should be reviewed and updated to reflect this fact :slight_smile:

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I suspect it may be true the very active Atlas players managed/restricted their leveling to maximize points.

Personally, I found that timers and gold were more significant factors in restricting leveling.

It would be very interesting if our data driven @PGGalileo would share whether there has been a notable change in leveling since prim leveling was removed. I personally haven’t significantly changed my behavior as my limiting factor was that I refuse to spend timers on prim leveling, in conjunction with the gold barrier. With the event, I at least did one upgrade per event cycle to claim prizes. Now … I don’t have a strong incentive to do so. If I happen to score a lucky hit on gold I may start one off.

I think this is perfectly reasonable. Why not give multiple pathways to reward players for participating in progressing in Atlas? In truth, having all these events stymie progress. I don’t build troops outside of troop training either. If there was a constant award availability for all aspects of progress in Atlas … players might progress more? I think moderately active to lower active players in particular would benefit by having as many incentives as possible to participate in Atlas.


If you don’t have maxed s2 primes and claim to have maxed the prime leveling events then something doesn’t add up here. The fact the whole argument for not having a prime leveling event is based on that it made players wait to level is pretty damn stupid. So, with an event, you wait for event, as you do with tokens, timers, etc. without an event, you don’t wait and do as you wish when you want to. Ok cool, if you don’t want to wait then don’t wait lol. Why should an event be gone simply because it made players wait? That’s the same nonsense that lost us feeding event. If you don’t like free stuff then keep your mouth shut. Why punish those of us who like being able to be rewarded for using items we get? This concept makes no sense, never has

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I never said I always maxed out the event. In fact, I think I only maxed out the event in the first 6 months of the year so 6 times total? Who knows, I lost track a long time ago. I only know I didn’t consistently started to max events until very recently.

There is a finite amount of levels with primarchs. It was the same principle with feeding. Hold back your dragons so you had something to feed come feeding. There are only so many dragons you can ever feed. You are lucky if you started later because you are behind and therefore have more dragons to feed, I just have this lousy perch to feed over and over again. I heard the same things over and over again for years.

With gear crafting you can always make more gear. There is no limit the the amount of gear you can make aside from the resources to make it. With glory, you can always get more glory.

Plus, you already ARE double dipping your glory rewards. You can get rewarded for getting glory during fight for glory AND you get rewarded for the glory in the form of badges to get seasonal content. We really should only be getting ONE reward for it. Sometime to think about.

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I think that was to encourage more conflict though because the map isn’t designed like a bona fida strategy game.

Once teams have the castles they want then the only objective is gear which isn’t really an objective.

The objective should be to continue escalation in conflict which fight for glory does to a degree.

Atlas is like playing chess but the objective is for both players to keep all their non pawn pieces because they will each be paid a daily wage for keeping their pieces so there no incentive to escalate the fight and take opponent’s pieces.

Take a look at all the T4/5 castles many have been held for years.

Sure T2s/T3s change but there is plenty of these to go around and its just like moving respawnable sacrificial pawns around a board.

It’s a shame WD devs didn’t play strategy games - then they would of made a map that escalates not one that stagnates.

Most atlas players just swap hits all day. I know you and your team are super active and do real hits but I reckon more than half the population chose the path of least resistance in earning their glory.

I had a break last season and completed all atlas prizes just on swaps. And that’s the problem with atlas it’s just not designed for conflict and people min / max their season based on the rules and take the path of least resistance.

Its pretty easy to get 11k glory on a swap x 10 swaps. 110k glory done in 30 minutes.

Do this every day for ~30 days and your season is done with 2 months to spare.

Do that on real fights to achieve 110k glory blocks and thats a few days of planning with likely heavier losses and worse ratios.


My current team yes, after I burned out trying to lead a team and took a vacation as a pirate for a season. Burnt out after trying for a long time, and failing, to get players to go out and hit castles rather than just swap. (I honestly remember watching as someone who didn’t defend much all minor event, maybe showed up once for a raid for 2 hits then complained about needing to save troops, turn around and drop 250k troops in swaps hours after pvp bubbles came up. :woman_facepalming: It wasn’t just a one time thing either sadly enough. That is what really forced my hand to seriously consider merging into a more active team. Not just once, but twice.)

It really is mind boggling. I did a few swaps here and there (I think I did more earlier this year while pirate than I did in the entire year before that), but I spent more time defending and admin work than anything else.

To the topic at hand though, we have events that encourage players to swap for easy rewards. One of them is now gone, primarch training. Let it die. I would much rather encourage going out and getting glory over passive rewards from training a primarch. Baby steps.

You know what I would really love rather than any of this talk about changing Atlas events? Bring on a different Atlas. I am still waiting for Sieges and Shrines. Something that maybe, just maybe, a team leadership doesn’t have live on the game and only 4 hours (I wish!) of sleep a night just to keep their team from losing. The attacks at any time day and night gets exhausting. Especially when you only have 1-3 people on at any given time to defend, so usually the leadership gets woken up to do it.


Anecdotally, I levelled my primarchs so much faster when there was a primarch levelling event. At 5-10k diamonds for the gold then 4-5k to speed a level, lately I’ve just been letting the ridiculous 8 day timer on a level work itself down in order to conserve my diamond resources. When it felt like I was getting diamonds back for the event, I would burn through them to get 4-8 levels across my primarchs in the event, now I’m doing 2-3 per week.

I think the reasoning behind removing the primarch training event is sound, but I wish they’d cut the huge time it takes to train primarchs.

Why is it either a prime event or a glory event? Why can’t it just be in the rotation? I just don’t get the logic. And same here, I don’t speed up prime levels now, I let them cook the 12 days. Before I would do 3-6 levels an event. The desire to push to get more glory on them to level faster isn’t there because who the hell wants to dump all those diamonds and all that gold for plus 2 attack and def?

Side note, I got flagged in a closed thread for calling krelos stupid :joy::joy:

So then don’t. The big difference is that you can also choose to level your gear now, and then just do more gear during the event. That option didn’t exist for prim leveling.


I tend to get stuff to level 5 outside of craft event and then have to sit on it until craft.

I don’t have enough shards to be doing 1-2 x300,000 shard upgrades every day outside of the event and then maintain that during the event lol.

I’m lucky if I have a few million for the entire event.

I need to either wait for 2 weeks and sacrifice current attack power or build now and sacrifice craft points.

That’s the same as prim levelling. More prim power now or sacrifice power for 2 weeks for event points.

Why is rider levelling any different - also need to wait.

For breed and fort I need to wait a month.

I don’t get people when they say they hated waiting 2 weeks for prim power yet have no problem waiting a month for dragon or base power ?

It’s not, it is just as stupid as prim leveling.

No you don’t, you may choose to because of limited resources but there’s no hard cap on points.


With the exception of heavy spenders I don’t think spending RSS outside of the event is viable.

While there is no technical hard cap for doing this most players spending outside of the event will essentially hard cap themselves in my view.

Anyway I like the fight for glory event and troop training event I just find the gear / levelling one to be annoying - and I’m totally ok to be in the minority here


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Leveling anything - event is kinda meh.
At some point people maxed it all and struggle to get points. It’s frustrating at times, even when new tiers are released.
There’s a reason they shut down the feeding event. PG actually can make good decisions.

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It took ages of lobbying from the community to get it removed, I don’t want it back just so we can hold off leveling our prims.


But you don’t have to wait if it’s an event lol. You are choosing to wait, but you don’t have to. If you choose to wait it means you like getting the prizes for leveling a prime, which is exactly the point lol



If people still don’t get it by now they likely never will. Can we just close this and make it go away like prim training?

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The main problem was it was a solo event and end-game players had nothing to level as their prims were capped. For lower level/less active/less spendy players, the cost of gold and timers remains. That problem remains. Previously the offsetting rewards provided incentive to level.

With the newer training event allowing multiple ways to score points by leveling gear and riders, it would be straight forward to add another category, prim leveling.

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