Swappable Dragons 2.0

Had a thought just before about the current meta; 1 dragon over 3 or 5 dragons.

What if dragons when swapped didn’t ‘die’. So if I click swap again it would still be available to select as my 3rd dragon.

Now this would allow for different mechanics for different classes. Each dragon could recover x% health and z rage
A very rough unplanned idea.
Warriors: fully healed? Or healed by x + y (y is Warrior set advantage).
Sorcerer: full rage? Or recover rage by z + y (y is Sorcerer set advantage).
Hunter: not sure on this. Maybe full ammo + bit of rage and health?
Invoker: again not sure. Suggestions please.


  • As dragons are not dying if swapped early still giving full flames (minus 1 per death)
  • increase in utility of certain dragon classes maybe?


  • how to code
  • consumable and 30% slots could be abused unless locked?
  • constable slots for IF cause issues.
  • setting the correct limit for health and rage recovery without making attackers op compared to base layouts.

This maybe horrible and not thought out well at all. (Like most of my thoughts) But with community suggestions it could become more a viable idea. Or it is just something that won’t work out for the better of the game :man_shrugging:.


That is an interesting idea

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No thank you, I would not like to see 2 Calavores or 2 Garnaths in the same attack by the same flier


Fair call, I can understand that it could turn out that way. Is there anyway to mitigate that sort of issue, if they don’t fully heal or rage regen would that be better? Or would that not matter as the could recover a different way.

I don’t really see any pros to this idea to be honest. It will make people just lean even more on their one top dragon.


No thx. There is no reason :slight_smile:

Always stat with full rage XD

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What they can do is to connect the dragon rail back and have the player fly back to the beginning to hit again, giving another chance to hit monuments along the way.

After hearing a few responses I think I can see that while I still like the changes it could bring. It would favour the attacker way to much, that it would likely unbalance the game.


sounds pretty good…could be a spell or probably should come with some sort of cost like less flames/winnable rss maybe but then again I dont want to see a Krelos zoom thru my base, twice…especially since I didn’t get him :laughing: :man_shrugging:t5:

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