Switching Between iOS and Android Devices

Hi Dragon Lords! Please try to refrain from switching between iOS and Android devices for the time being. Switching between will cause the Android device to ask for an update that does not exist. This is happening because iOS is currently on version 4.36 while Android is on 4.35. Version 4.36 was an iOS only release.

This issue will be resolved in our next version release which will be next week. Keep an eye out for patch notes for this upcoming release!


Hmmm… Separate release cadences for an app that’s supposed to be cross-platform… seems bad…


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The release was an emergency one to fix something that was only affecting iOS.


What was the emergency?

Then change version number on Android recompile done. Its not hard :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Do a fake update for Android that fixes nothing


Lol. Obviously she was avoiding saying what it was for, but leave it to Savage to ask about the elephant in the room.

I too, was wondering what merited an emergency undocumented patch, but I’ll be shocked if we are told anything about it more than it was an emergency patch.

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I know what it was. Lol!

I have friends in the game with iOS who had a “problem” I did not. :rofl:

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Thought that was SOP


touché …

Well… everyone wanted to ask. I figured I’d just take one for the team and ask the dumb question we all had. :man_cartwheeling:


Awesome! I love reading this after switching to my Android phone to water my data to not play a game that is constrained my time and learn that I’m losing as week of playing… Congrats, PG, another product failure… #NoPacksForYou


I see an emergency now. Can’t play at all for a week. This effects me I am assuming the other effected PG. There has to be a quicker fix for this.

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Was that problem bigger than this problem?

In scope or severity?

Either or both lol

So is there a way it can be fixed so I can log into my account?

Logging into your iOS device only should resolve the issue.

@PGMichael In a more general sense… if someone has an account on an android phone that’s slow and they want to move it to their newer, faster, larger screen ipad, they can just download the app and log in now?