Switching teams before event prizes

Ive been trying to find out the correct answer to this and keep getting conflicting answers. Support just gave me a generic answer that had nothing to do with my question.

Currently, I am in a gold team which Im going to be leaving for a platinum team. If I leave my current team and join the new team after the current fortification event ends tomorrow but before the team ranking prizes are distributed would I still get a team ranking prize? I’ve been told yes I’ll get the prize from the rank of the gold team that I participated with, I’ve been told yes I’ll get the prize from the rank of my new team that I didnt participate with and I’ve been told I wouldn’t get any prize at all and that I’d need to wait until prizes are distributed first before switching.

It would be great to get a clear answer. I want to get the reward I worked for but I also want to join my new team asap in case of war being declared, especially since sometimes it takes a long time for prizes to be sent out

From the game mechanics, you should get the prize of your new team, but because that can be exploited I wouldn’t count on it. There’s no reason why you should get the prize of the old team when you aren’t a member of that team anymore.

I’d recommend to stay on your old team until the prizes are distrubuted. Just to be sure.

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Always a good idea to wait till after prizes have been distributed. You work to hard to risk missing out.

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True, but I also dont want to screw over my new team incase wars get declared while Im waiting around since theyre going to be kicking someone to make room for me. Id hate to cost flames and not be able to do my war attacks

Just wait for prizes, leave your team, then apply to your new team. Then they can swap you in when it suits them with wars.

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I’m not really sure how this would work. My guess is that you would get the lesser prize, since you were on that team when the event began. Many things are set when an event begins. It would not surprise me if team awards are one of those things. This is just a best guess based on what I know of other aspects of the game.

If it’s going to harm your new team, and you don’t see yourself going back (since it will hurt your old team), there’s not enough of a benefit to waiting, imo.

But, the community is small. I always try to leave on the best possible terms.

I definitely wont be going back to the gold team and while I do want to leave on good terms, the major reason Im leaving is because of drama being caused by the previous and soon to be once again leader.

Im kind of at the point that I may be ok with losing the 150 sigils just to be able to be there and ready for the new team, assuming if I left without waiting that I wouldnt get any reward at all.

AFAIK, if you join the new team before event ends you should get the new team’s team rewards. If you are teamless when event ends then you don’t get anything. Not sure what happens if you join new team AFTER event ends, but BEFORE rewards are allocated.

However it does work out with prizes, it sounds like staying is not really worth it to you. I think you know what you would prefer to do. :man_shrugging:

The event will end after the war declaration cut off so you will not screw over either team unless they are declared on for the next war before prizes drop. Prizes are usually out within a couple hours of the event finishing, so waiting for the prizes to drop and then moving is always the best move.

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