Swords/Shields/Hammers for Defense - How about Smoke Grenades?

This suggestion is mostly a fun suggestion, not meant to be taken seriously. In addition to the Swords/Shields/Hammers for defense, how about dragging smoke bombs or smoke grenades onto an island which covers the towers in smoke, similar to the fog that once covered the island. This is intended to conceal the towers thus confusing the attacker.


Just scout the base layout for 2s then problem solved

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We already have a red tower that covers things up, making it hard to see the towers as you fly.

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How you guys have that much hammer :confused:

Wish I could just convert swords and shields to hammers… even 20 to 1 would be nice…


Our team saves hammers for wars. Why waste hammers on regular attacks when the only thing you can loose are lumber & food which are easily replaceable? Our team does well in events & always gets the #8 quest chest & we all do chest farming. So that’s how we get a lot of hammers. BTW: We are a non-Atlas team.

Not only your teams most of them doing same … and Atlas eat my hammers :neutral_face: We are not a declare war in here… At least for long time :roll_eyes:

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