Sylphen or Prospero?


I’m sure that I can get at least plat if I squeeze my savings (rubies, not :heavy_dollar_sign:)


What tier are you in now? Imo, Prospero’s spellset is most bang for the buck at orange or green (If you’re pressed for rubies, that is)

After that, you only get HP buffs, essentially. He’s still useful without a lot of HP, for example- on a defended base, kill the storm or red mage, then die, for Prospero to get it on the next pass or something.


I’m sapphire (well, just have one baby Garnet :sweat_smile:)
Just looking for more decent cleaner…


Enki + Ember doesn’t do the job? :eyes:

Though, I don’t see why green Sylph can’t clean? Just gotta be more careful to not leave any blue mages alive.


Unlike Spindra (I picked her branch halfheartedly :sob:), both have no white.


Kill all the reds and be sneaky with blinks and stutters >:))

Though, if you think of it that way, orange/green sylph would round your roster off nicely as OP ember.


UPDATE: Prospero is actually pretty fun, and I’m about a day away from getting the green evolution (the third spell, which I imagine is the core spell anyways :’) )
Thank you everyone <3 it looks to me like, by the descriptions, Prospero is the better choice for me at the moment. I may also buy red tier Somnus just for shits and giggles, the dragon is beautiful.


Hit green evo and the whole way you fly Prospero changes :wink: Have fun!


Hit gold, and it will truly be a tap tap dragon.


Don’t remind me of my heal pot heaven :sob:

(I’m down to my last 20)


Burn your speedups :smiling_imp:
As if I can say that peacefully. I have broken my stash of chests to get enough heal for Iteru’s training, and burned thousands of 1h for potions :sob:


I ran out of heals a few times last season while saving chests. Had about 800 heals after opening all my chests and thought I would see that number continue to rise while forging them 24hrs a day and continuing to open all my chests this season.

Nope, down to under 400 now. It sucks.

Edit: How much joy does it bring you to hear others talk about forging Hammers and Speed Ups? :cry:


Especially 12h.
How can everyone forge stuffs (especially 12h), while I am desperated to burn even more speedups just to fly?
That question is popped up everytime I look at my forge.


Lol…typo mistake


This is a great comparison as both dragons are of equal, legendary, tier and both dragons have a job and can do their job well.
Both are difficult to fly, in their own right, and neither is all powerful.
Prospero is a good hunter and with the white cloak, omg, can be good however it is short duration and if you miss the red mage before the stun you are toast. If you require a hunter this is a worthwhile trip down seasonal divines.
Sylphen is an artwork, many people got her and say crap dragon…on long bases she is tough as no heal, on short bases easy to double shot towers depending on setup then lock down, shield and keep flying. Setup is great and cleaning up is great. Sylphen is an art to learn and if you want to do it well take the challenge , I was so close just mused one shield at end and owned. Now is in emerald status and really punches a hole into bases.
So In reply to the op question, if you need a hunter prospero, good alround dragon for many rosters. If you want a good crowd control kick a door down dragon sylphen. Yep both can clear bases, but they are not my clear a base dragon.
The doctor


I have slyphen on my alt and prospero on my main. Slyphen is easier to fly . Proper takes practice a lot of multitasking. If you don’t it will die on long islands


I don’t have prospero and sylphen is my first “set up/clean up” dragon so i’ve been practicing it a lot lately as from what I can see it has a lot of similar timing of abilities/knowing tower ranges/wind up times etc that I think will help me down the road in being able to fly other dragons straight out of the box so to speak instead of burning a ton of pots learning all at once.
Took me about 20 runs before it really sunk in “DONT BE GREEDY!” just death stare what you have to, chains everything, anything else you kill is just extra but always carry spare rage so you can double cast mark of twilight (no cd) in those tight corners or to cover your mistakes


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