Sylphen seem to have a bug problem



Fantastic! Thank you so much! :rose:


That fix is just for one bug that sylphen has what about the most important one the casting chain disables the swipe


He has a shield that also helps with rage regen.

Seems hes not for you but for me he is amazing, and very fun to fly.


slyphen is pretty much dead if the rage island has 2 blue mages
he can pull out really great slip through kill island if the deathstare hit the blue mage and the shield block rage shot. I wish his shield could be longer so deathstare has enough time to cooldown for red mage shot. Overall, it is really high chance of dying.


I stand corrected about the “shield” although it doesn’t seem all that effective so far. I’ll give him time, maybe he’ll get better…


I am having the same problem. At first I thought it was me needing to learn a better fly with him, but the learning normal time has passed and the problem still there. :woman_shrugging:
I fly correctly the rest of my drag.


Read. The. 4.9 Release Notes.

Also, you won’t be able to swipe during the time that chains is flying in the air. But if you read the notes, you’ll find that they solved the thing you’ve been whining about: not being able to swipe after spells are cast. Even though you really shouldn’t be doing that with the change to the chain and red interaction.


Ok, I’ve flown him a bit more and paid much closer attention.

For the record, a “shield” lasting only one second is a pretty useless shield, I don’t care how much rage it generates.

I stand by my original assessment - he pretty much sucks.


you pretty much can’t fly him… that’s the conclusion when other are able to and you are not able to. Or is it other way round? :thinking:


Perhaps he is being overtaxed on the bases I am attacking. I’m sure as he gets stronger, that one second shield will do wonders.

To be fair, I will admit that some runs go better than others. I just can’t bring myself to calling him great yet, and the idea that he has a “shield” is still laughable.


think of it as a cloak to escape first shot of flaks… something like a blink with rage add on. that might probably help


I’ve had better luck using it like that. The trick it to try and time it right before the first volley hits. But even at that, the second wave does considerable damage. :frowning:

As I said, maybe he will get better as he levels. So far, he’s been getting his butt kicked on invader bases, and I don’t dare try him out in any kind of real battle.

That’s the problem with these event dragons - they take forever to become usable.


Slyphen on invader base need to use more chain spell but on real battle you need to use deathstare more


I often have the problem with Sylphen that when I use etheral chains I shoot straight throught the island and the chains lands in the water. Even though I aim and shoots for the Island.

Anyone with that problem?


You’re aiming too far to the back


I dont have that problem with Fom, Pathox or other dragons that binds/entrap/freeze towers.


freeze has bigger radius, entrap / enfeeble other spells have smaller radius. Chains has radius somewhere in between. and each spell has different place to hit… most likely you are doing what Lutrus said.


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