Sync Error Is Killing Me! Please help PG

I was opening gold chests. To be exact 30 gold chests! And i was claiming season prizes on equestor’s branch…getting the x30 12h Speedups past the platinum stone. Then! Sync Error! This is 2nd time it happened today. The first time, I didn’t lose anything but was claiming prizes.
Items Lost (Exact Numbers) Btw I don’t have a Screenshot…

  • 20 Gold Chests (1850 sigils, 50 3h SpeedUps, 12 12h SpeedUps, bunch of Fire, ice shards, Elemental embers and black pearls)

  • 20 12h SpeedUps that was already claimed from the branch earlier.


I started a ticket…
In the meanwhile, has this happened to anyone and if so, can it be refunded? This is rediculous. Because of the server…I lose many items

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Open matchmaking and close it and repeat it once. Close game and start new. You should now see everything credited back. Check your sigils

Like Warlord said. Next time you get lots of sigils/open lots of chests, don’t go claim any seasonal reward. Wait a while, do some runs, log out of the game… Come back and you will be able to claim your rewards. This happens when you want to do too many tasks in a short time and the servers can’t catch up. In general nothing is lost.

If you actually received your items don’t forget to let support know in your ticket :wink:

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It didn’t work…still lost everything

I’m having the sync issue too. I updated the game and everything. I haven’t lost anything, I just can’t build.

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This occurs when you try claiming rewards too quickly before it has time to sync up. It’s happened to me twice - both times build event. Submitting a ticket to support rectified the problem once they looked into the log (along with screen shots I submitted of what I claimed and what isn’t showing).

Submit a ticket - they can fix it.

Moving forward, claim one reward at a time, exit the event screen, wait a few seconds, go back in and claim next prize, rinse and repeat.

it’s a pain in the butt and so far I only have to do this for the build event (but do take my time claiming rewards by pausing in-between each one during other events)


It’s solved…thanks for support! Please close this thread


@ModMat @Psarus your assistance is kindly requested :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up, closing now.