Sync Error Message appears every time while upgrading a tower

I’m facing a sync error problem every time i try to build/upgrade a fire,ice and an elementary ember tower. It shows a sync error message and restarts the game without the upgrade done. Please help as the fortification event has started

Put in a ticket to support

Have put in already:(

While you wait to hear back I would try moving stuff around, putting it into storage then bringing it back out, then trying to upgrade again.

They got back. They asked me to restart my device and try. Nothing seems to work at all :frowning:

I had/have same issue. My “problem” is, that I have more Fire Turrets build than is is allowed.
To be more specific: I have 2 upgraded FT on my base plus several (20-ish or so) level 1 FT in my storage. The game clearly states that you are only allowed to build 6 FT.
I did that in the past to do well in fortification without leveling up, as you could get 2k event points for only 44 XP. With the current release this does not work anymore and you get a “wrong” out of sync message (instead of your only allowed to build x buildings of that type).

There’s also another threat somewhere in the forum discussing the same problem with mage towers. See PGEggTokens answer on this

Hopefully you have learned a painful lesson that building up is better than out especially just lvl 1 to store. Ouch, a waste of what will be very valuable embers

@Rushad Your thread title says that this happens when you’re trying to upgrade a tower. Do you mean “build”? For the sake of identifying the cause of this issue, we need to be clear on which action it is causing your issue.

In my case it is when I am trying to set down a new, level 1 tower. It holds for maybe 5 seconds then a sync error hits. When I come back the building is gone. I sent a ticket to support. One agent told me to reinstall my game. I replied it was not the issue. Next agent told me its a known issue. I would really like to set out some new towers.

Any ETA for a fix? Hopefully before the event end??

I’m having the exact same issue :expressionless:

If it is happening when you try to build, it is because the total number of towers of that type, both in storage and active, is equal to the total number allowed. You are trying to build another tower, and when it syncs back to the server, it gets an error because you now have more of that type than is allowed.

If it happens when upgrading, as PGEggToken indicated, that is a different matter entirely.

I don’t have any fire flak cannons in storage still can’t build them coz of sync errors, at start of event was happening when I was upgrading towers on base aswell

I had that problem before. What fixed it for me was to uninstall WD and reinstall WD, just make sure you have your pocket ID and game password before uninstalling.

Hey everyone. I guess the problem had occurred because i had stored too many of the towers at level 1. Anyway thank you all for the responses. Happy Flying!

What did PG say they’ll do to fix this for you?

Lol nothing. The problem was caused because of the over storage. PG couldn’t do anything

So you can never upgrade that tower again?

I’m flabbergasted so many people had this method of building.

Guess if there is a way, people will game it.

You can upgrade the tower but cannot build a new one.

I guess it helped a lot in the fortification events. Thats the reason i used this method. But in the end I learnt my lesson.