Sync error then xp seemingly buffed? Event related?

So I’m flying my boyfriend Chrismitttys level 16 Hugin, then before we could hit home, sync error appeared and the game closed. Hugin just gained the xp from 16 to 17. We re load the game and the XP IS there but now it costs more xp to level him even though he is holding off for breeding. Did they increase all xp via a buff or what?

Looks like a sync error took you back to before the run happened.

Amoeba also shows 308.63k is the correct amount

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I wish I thought to screenshot. if that’s all waste of a post. I’d heard rumor of increased xp requirements.

Thanks. never had a sync error take xp. 0nly stones and gold chests​:rofl::joy:

Unfortunately i’ve had it take 30-45 minutes worth of XP runs before so i know the pain you are feeling :frowning:

I’ve had it even worse than this, and support wastes even more of your time if you bother to try to inquire why there was just a 2 hour roll back

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