Sync Error when upgrading towers

Use my alt to upgrade a tower and apparently when I want to upgrade the lightning tower it keeps on crashing (sync error)

Updated the game already but it just keep on crashing only on the lightning tower.

The new update has a hug where building upgrades and research are bugged, don’t upgrade towers or research now.

Yeah it’s happening to me too. After updating the game just won’t let me upgrade any building whatsoever. I guess we just have to wait and see when it gets fixed.

I’ve submitted a ticket and they told me they’re looking into it. Let’s just hope for the best.

I believe the support team (well up until now none of them have disappointed me) but I hope the bug is gone soon… my lumber is being taken away tons by tons hahaha

All the best :slight_smile:

I think they will get it fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Yup found that out when all my towers have an increase in upgrade duration lol :laughing:

Atlas has issues? My atlas is fine. What is the issue??

I have the same issue with sync error after upgrade the dragon perch. Ticket already submitted.

Same. Lol must be a big bug to have increase my upgrade time lol

The same problem here!!! So just wait?

Yup we have to wait. It’s not like we can do anything but I believe they are trying to settle it asap :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten the same problem when I try to upgrade a tower.

I just wish they would do a better job debugging before releasing an update. Every update there is some kind of an issue. It’s not just not being able to upgrade - it’s also lost Xp for all of the runs I’ve done this morning since the sync issue takes that all away too.


Yep me too was already upgrading had a few days left went back to the begging after upgrade, Talk about taking longer to upgrade as your levels go up but this will take forever at thi rate.:joy::kissing_heart::joy:

It is a bug no worries, a update should fix that and all PG have stated there will be an update to remove the bug or a notice so we just have to wait patiently ad hope no one cut off all your lumber when it gets fixed :slight_smile:

Well in life they said time don’t wait for anyone guess it’s true. Time don’t wait it either move forward or restart lol. Let’s wait patiently for another update or notice when the bug is remove. :laughing:

I don’t know about the xp part. Waiting for feeding because my dragon are all at caps… :sob: but for the upgrade yeah we just have to be a little resilient towards bugs. Lol there will always be bugs at least this ain’t the worst :laughing:

Same error. Even extended my elite account to ensure that I had enough days. Didn’t help.

Hahahaha don’t worry PG probably going to have a small update or a notice of some sort ( apology gift ) which is normal. We now have to just wait it out :smile: