Sync Error when upgrading towers


I also have the issue of upgrading towers on my alt. Starting new researches still works though.


At least the research and the game still works :smile:


It is the worst game I play as far as crashing, sync errors and support resolution. If I hadn’t invested so much time and at times money to get to the level I’m at - I’d just quit. However during the past two years it has not gotten better. It’s sad that the game is not as enjoyable as it could be.


Same problem here too


Lets be patient :smile: this is actually a norm so we should get use to lol looking forward for the (gifts) in the mean time lets pray our wood isn’t chomped off


There are games with more issues then this one ha ha… And they don’t apologize and give a gift they just wait till they feel like fixing it which might be months and then no apology no gift. Be happy that you aren’t playing that game.


Well, happy playing it the way it is lol. Small bug to be complaining.


well every game has its issue hahaahah i agree this is a small bug for now lol


there are games that ban you for giving bad feedback to them even if its a constructive one without any vulgarities.


I got the same problem… cannot upgrade any tower. After upgrade by timer it will prompt Sync Error.


yep thats happening now. Well we just have to wait for PG to settle this soon and in the mean time lets pray our lumber isn’t raided off lol. THANK GOD it’s not fort too lol.


By the time they fix this I won’t have to worry about leveling anything - rss will be gone.


I had the same problem this morning and all throughout the day, gave up and tried after I got home from work and can finally upgrade again. Problem is, Every time I hit the Help button I get this

Any ideas?


Now that is new too. So at this point all we can do is patiently wait and let’s see what PG will do. I believe they are doing their best as this bug seem to be pretty big if support is not working too. Hope rebooting the game would make it works for you :smile:


Now I am getting Error There is a problem connecting to the server. You have have access to the Internet to Play


Arrr… when this can be fix and what compensate from PG ?


You should have receive timers for their compensation :smile:


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