Sync errors and no internet connection? 2/22

Is anyone else getting sync errors and no internet connection pop ups in game? Myself and several other teammates are unable to play. Have tried WiFi and LTE, with no difference.
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Me too. Even though connected through wifi.

Looking into it now!

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Me too
Whats going on??

Team rosters aren’t loading or appearing under names, and the sigil banner is throwing a 404 error. :see_no_evil:

Edit: seems to be back for now, ~5-10m blip or so?

PG was GGed

The screen does not download correctly either, for me

Yep our whole team is having the problem.

I got this error about failing to load members list

And my armory is empty. Been saving and had about 1k bronze and 130 gold saved

All gone…

Just managed to get back in. But couldn’t post here as I was getting an error message every time I tried to log in and couldn’t raise a ticket in game as it wouldn’t open…

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same issue here…

Just started working again. Guess she kicked the servers :rofl:

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We are experiencing the same thing on my team.

Yea I just started seeing and experiencing the same issues within the last 15 mins. Did one run on the event then it went to error message and sync message. No member list

It almost up again

Yes, it started as I was attacking that the need a connection screen appeared. Progressing to not being able to get into game

The servers are Australian and they were on their lunch break. Come on people, servers gotta eat too! #serverlivesmattertoo

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They give you the basic restart blah blah blah!