Sync errors when building @pgjared


He can’t upgrade buildings and he keeps getting sync errors when he builds. With fortification coming up he cannot earn any points. His perch disappeared a few weeks ago so that might be the issue.

Tagging @DragonPunch and @PGCrisis since pg Jared has pans to juggle.

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Anyone looking at this @Arelyna ?

This event i will got 0 points so no sigils and nothing so who will compensate fore me specially i am running after pathos @Arelina?

Anything pg? Not even acknowledgement? @PGCrisis @Arelyna ? We are losing out on team points here.

I am having similar issues. 2/3 perches were reset as if not built along with bounty harbor and my runes hut. The perches I am told are being looked into and are a known issue.

As for the syncing, which I have the exact same problem too, they believe it’s a signal/server communication issue or because I moved devices. It was my first time transferring my account and I think I went too far tutorial wise after I installed the app. I tried all their troubleshooting to fix it but looks like it might be a waiting game.

However, this all started when my perches reset. I had gone a week on the new device and it was fine then. I’m really hoping the syncing will fix when the perch issue is resolved as the game is nearly unplayable, since i can’t grow.

Yea they fixed his problem a few days ago. It was the perch as I predicted. So they reset his perch to 0 and gave him the pearls and everything else to get it back to what is used to be.

Really? Lucky him! It sounds like I’ll have to wait a while however based on my responses. I imagine if this was widespread they have to go case by case as each player has unique rss required to fix it

I am extremely frustrated! I lost 2 of 3 perches, my bounty harbor and my ability to upgrade anything. I was reading above… If PG makes me rebuild those perches to emerald tier again, I’m going to skyrocket in size and be considerably higher in level than dragon capability. I’ve been communicating with PG regularly. I’m not sure what the fix is but I don’t know how that is going to “help” me.

I’m in the same boat. Try to upgrade and get a sync error no matter what I do.

All the emails involved with this issue…

I got the same response, however they had me file a separate ticket for the sync errors. After reading a few different forum posts I know the two issues are connected. Everyone who lost perches lost the ability to build.
I’m trying to be patient, as bugs as significant as this take time, but I already lost out on event points and will lose out on more next week.

One person did get a solution, however it involves a rollback to October 16 or 17th and. That happens to be when I last recall having perches. My gameplay has been cut back a lot. I can’t build my incubator up to get to Emerald tier this breeding event and my base defense is down by 40mil. I’m not doing much as well in case the only option is a rollback.

I just hope I can get sigils and rubies back afterwards for what I earned in the meantime.

Same boat here. My defense went way down too. I’m a sitting duck. I am also trying to be patient. It’s just very frustrating and my game play / enjoyment has diminished as well.

Same deal here one day without rhyme or reason my dragon(Necryxlvl9 ready to train at least once) disappeared along with the perch lvl idk little blue flames on it able to hold Devine dragons with attack upwards of 50k. Really frustrated I can’t even access Necryx at all. He was just getting good too help please.:sob::sob::sob:

Your dragon should be in your den and okay. My Jul and Aster were there and still accessible.

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