Sync Errors when completing token challenges


@PGJared Since event island has cane up for myself when going to complete egg token challenges i am getting a sync error before they can be completed. In league chat people are also having the same problem. I havent seen any other post on this.


We are seeing the same thing, put in a ticket to Support as well.


Same problem here. Running on android.


Can’t do anything every attack I have done results in crash or sync error game is so broken :face_vomiting:


One of my teammates said he restarted and this issue went away. I tried it and sure enough rebooting my phone allowed me to complete my token missions. (Android)


Try deleting and reinstalling? It worked for a teammate of mine.


Honestly, how often do we need to “delete and reinstall” for stuff?!?

And restarting the phone? I guess I will try, as closing the app and deleting cache did not work…


Same problem. I hard reset and all good.


Well, a hard reset, only to login and get the Admin message that it is fixed.

Thank You PG!!


Sorry this is literally my fault. I rolled out some new security code which caused a bunch of problems today. I believe it should be fixed now.


I don’t even have an event island…restarted the game 20 times. Updated too.


Love the taking ownership here. It’s appreciated and goes a long way towards relationship-building. :slight_smile:


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