Sync Errors With Chests

I got 3 x 3hr speed boost out of a bronze chest, but it hasn’t shown up for me to use it. Anyone else having this problem

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Whole game is too much slow, transfer from Atlas are lagged, rewards from chests are lagged, resources arent showing up in storage ! @PGJared

Same with lumber packs, yes, I appreciate them.

At least you are getting chests…I’ve gotten exactly 0 after about 30 runs!

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Also having issues with gold chest drops and server glitching.
Opened 40 golds, went back to main screen, none of the rubies were deducted and I didn’t have my items. Rebooted, now at 0 rubies (also wrong), without my items. Rebooted again, and watched the 0 go up to where it should be, and the game added 2 15m timers to my account.
So um… what?

I can’t build fire turrets? I can build other towers but everytime I try to build a fire turret the game kicks me and resyncs

It might be because you have the max number?

This is what happened to me after opening 20 gold chests (the 2nd one doesn’t use rubies)

-edit-Seems that it’s been fixed

Losing gold chest contents is way worse than not getting bronze IMO

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Thanks for posting, everyone! I just sent this thread off to Coffee for the team to investigate. :coffee:

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In order to avoid the sync errors when collecting seasonal prizes you must wait until the little loading circle thing is done spinning before you claim the next prize.

Lol eh redact that…didn’t realize this was about chests lol :sweat_smile::eyes:


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