Synchronization Error

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For some reason I can’t take some of my Breeding Event price. Whenever I try the game is asking me to restart the game to Sync. I even restarted my iPhone but it helps nothing about the issue. Can someone fix this? Thank You!


Please see attachment.

Have you submitted a ticket?

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I have the same issue, although I can’t claim any of them lol. Submit a ticket; be aware they’ll likely tell you to do things like close the app or check and battery health and switch wifi networks or reinstall or whatever. And maybe those things will work for you; they did not for me. Make sure to send them ss of your score/prizes in case this issue is not resolved prior to event end and you need to request manual prize distribution. :v:

I have similar problem with atlas event, I’ll show you the screen I get. I’ve sent a ticket but nothing from pg yet🤔


I got the same issue as the OP. Ticket sent.
This is the automated response.

I have both the broken Atlas and Breed claim. Reinstalled. Filed ticket. Etc etc

Yep same here, having same issues with atlas as IAMFROG is having and unable to claim breeding prizes do to the sync errors. Have a ticket in but it’s just PGs generic response we all get. I didn’t start having these issues until yesterday evening and I’ve done the uninstall/reinstall, clear cache, bang head into wall so who nows.

Having the same problem can’t claim 7 prizes or open chests

Has anyone received an update from PG about when the atlas event prize tier will return? With the event ending in less than 24 hours, I’m worried that (although I have been assured from PG that my points are accruing) they refuse to give the status of the “fix” to actually claim the prizes.

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