Syndicates are recruiting

Definition of a Syndicate: a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

Our common interest is consistency of participation and progression of strength, Strength as individuals and coordinating those strengths to create a team that continually moves forward in ranking.

Completing 8/8 team prizes and finishing 5/5 team quest is highly encouraged in all events.

Atlas is mandatory. 2 primarchs with no less than 6k troops on assigned castles is mandatory. 3 primarchs is highly encouraged. Minimum 150k troops is highly encouraged for efficacy in atlas. We have all 5 castle types and 7 castles and counting.

Of the 7 deadly Syns the only one that will get you cut from this team is sloth. Do your part to help the Syndicate move towards our common goal or get cut. Dead weight will not be carried by this team.

Other than that we are fun loving, chatty, and welcoming team. We love to play the game as drama free as possible.


Is there a level requirement and what league are you in

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