T4 and t5 marshals

I think atlas marshal bases need to be changed, at the moment t4s and t5s are dominately owned by one mega alliance, and there is no quick way to actually conquer a t4.
Small ranked teams have normally a select few members that are level 580 plus and they just put them in marshal, therefore making the castle unconquerable for a lot of the atlas teams. For example a ranked 200 team holding a t4 or even a t5 should be hittable and conquerable by another ranked 200 team, but arguably that team just puts a 600 level base on marshal and the other team has no chance to conquer it.
The way the marshal is designed I believe is outdated and needs to be changed either to have no marshal base on t4s or t5s same as t2s and t3s, or another way would be you have to put your lowest dp base or level base on as marshal. Then that would mean that a lot more teams can actually conquer t4s and trying to break into a t4 area and take more castles would be easier, where things stand atm a lot of teams hide behind thier high level player marshal and taunters and can hold several t4s because they need to be warred to take and basically abandoned.

Especially with the new glory scaling, where it makes a lot of teams get no glory out of t2s or t3s, therefore t4s should be more violatile and easier to conquer and take, which IMO changing the marshal would be a good start


Would also mean teams would have to man thier t4s with troops to stop anyone hitting thier guards, which IMO is another fair factor as in a team that only holds t2s and t3s always face the possibility of being hit by any team because basically everyone can hit thier guards and win every time, so they have to have prims and troops to prevent the guard hits, t4s and t5s should be exactly the same


I agree it should be fair. But, I also see that Diamond teams can just come take what they want without any way to stop them if marshal bases don’t exist.

So unless there’s a way to generally-speaking level the playing field, I’m not really in support of giving Diamond another opportunity to bully us all into submission.

So, either marshal guards for all. Or marshal guards for none.


lol well tbh there is only one alliance with enough diamond teams to do it, if the marshals were changed would mean every diamond team and sapphire and platinum team could, would really depend on how active the team is and how fast they move to protect thier guard and castles, which is what atlas is about, at the moment a lot of teams can just sleep, and it takes ages to get the guard down, which shouldn’t be the case, the best castles should also be required for active teams, or you run the risk of losing them. How it stands teams just can hide with lots of t4s and get all the benefits but be barely active in atlas while other active teams can’t conquer them because they can’t take the marshal base or have enough players in thier team that can

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I personally believe if you own a 4 or 5, they should all be accessible. Every single one. Then let all the diamonds fight it out on them equally.

Keep them busy with their own thing.

I think diamonds should only be able to own 4s and 5s. If the ownership mechanic was changed then sure change the marshal mechanic as well.

2s and 3s are another story. I’d personally leave them how they are and increase turnover.

But, I also think there should be a lower level for the smalls to fight over. That way each chunk of APRs are fighting like kind and quality. The smalls need to learn atlas.

If competition/turnover is truly the name of the game then decrease all amounts of castles; decrease all amounts of castles that can be held at once; and force fighting via supply and demand. Every APR tier would battle it out with similar ranks.

But, there are too many issues right now with having an FFA play style IMHO.

Well then being accessible is another way to make it more even, though I doubt it will happen any time soon, I had a thought you need to own one access t4 to own 2 safe t4s so arguably you lose that access t4 then 2 of your safe t4s goes to gustav, would work same with t5s, so basically would mean to own either castle you need to have one that’s accessible. If you own like 4 safe t4s you would have to own two access t4s and run the same risk it you lose either.
Arguably another way would be if you owned a certain amount of a castle type then you can just move past castles with no delay, so like I own 20 t3s then I have no delay on t2s, but also I can’t hit t2s, and have that work in some sort of calculation up to t5s, meaning basically depending on castles you own means how accessible you can hit other teams and other teams hitting you

Yeah, the problem seems to be diamond doesn’t have enough accessible people to hit. So make everyone accessible and see who truly fares the best.

To be honest, if we just made everyone in the game accessible, that could also be interesting but PG would essentially need to give us unlimited troops lol.

OR: given they’ve put parameters on pirates-- make an ultimatum-- you own a castle, you must have one accessible! Like everyone gets one accessible you can never lose. Or something. I dunno. There’s always an issue with everything.

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Yep giving teams one you can never loose would be exploited easily.
It’s almost like castles are the real problem themselves……
Oh yeah that’s right ……they are! :rofl:

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I wondered when you’d show up :rofl::kissing_heart:

I’m honesty at a loss. I still say at the very least tighten team glory bands so it penalizes massive discrepancy hitting but what do I know? :crazy_face:

Problem is, the glory scaling punishes the teams hunting to get to a castle, and rewards teams that have several low glory gates in front of them that disable shield, so you can’t get to who you want too.

Maybe have something if the shields disabled no delay lol or a lesser delay

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Man I wish there was a way to actually balance the objective of defense but sadly it’s never been done :man_shrugging:
Nope not once :rofl:
So don’t see us accomplishing the impossible lol
Hence me always yelling about a offensive objective! Lol
Edit * below
Can’t name one game that has ….chess has come as close as you can because it uses elimination mechanics and only has two players lol
Risk is fairly balanced but can’t support more the 6 players hence the setup lol
I can keep going but you get the idea lol
And any tactical map based game that has use elimination……
And so is this map …… which needs to stop at some point :man_shrugging:
Hence my persistence……

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My unpopular opinion is that if you’re a diamond team hunting another diamond team, I don’t care that you have to waste troops getting to the other diamond teams. Y’all have the best bonuses in the game. Please don’t come at me a lowly sapphire pauper about those things… I don’t have much sympathy. (Not trying to be rude, but I do believe everything comes with a price and that is the price of being at the top of the game). That being said… ALSO make all the goodies (4s and 5s) accessible and there goes that issue…

But he has a point as well :man_shrugging: And I’m down here with ya in gold currently helping this new team try to get to the map so they can actually recruit!
So I see both sides yep stagnation is as real a problem up there just as big a issue as recruiting is down here! :man_shrugging:
Malik slowly turns and looks at those castles ……

I do like this! It would be mayhem at first, but something has to change. That being said we all have to get over our attachment to the castles. Not just one side of the mega, either… EVERYONE.

This is absurd. Meat shields are a huge issue for anyone who wants to attack,. Not just diamond teams… This disabling sheild mechanics to protect the ally behind is stupid.
It’s the same issue with pirates which everyone here whines about. You can’t hit the teams back because they are protected by meats.
It’s very frustrating.

If you are disabling your shield, it should only be so that you don’t have to do a cool down and protect your own castle from a conquer. Not for your friends.

Make every castle accessible.
Or let every team have a gate castle.
Or make gold prims only summonable for a team if they have atleast 1 or 2 access castles with 1mill guards on each.

Holding access castles should be rewarded more.

IMO, everything comes with a price.

Piracy, has an amazing benefit of being untouchable. If you’re tired of being pushed around by a team, be a pirate and harass teams that you don’t like and they can’t do a damn thing about it. BUT… you won’t be able to grow your rss fast because you don’t have castle bonuses to assist you. There is a serious pro and a serious con.

Diamond teams get the best event rewards and best castle bonuses, BUT, sometimes maybe you’ve gotta bubble in to find targets you can hit.

When I was leader and my team wanted to get to a target behind a gate, we just bubbled it. Sometimes it was 30% glory, but if we needed to do it, so be it. I don’t like it. But, I also believe that we’re all starved for bonuses; we all want concealed castles so we’re not up all night worried if they’ll be lost.
So… until PG can come up with a better mechanic to make this feel like a game and a not War Dragons: A Lifestyle, then I can’t really blame people for wanting to be concealed and not having to live their lives on the game. This game/life balance is, to use your words, absurd.

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Even a small change to shields would be nice. Make them unable to disable, and lower CD. This will make guard swaps during pvp impossible also killing a few issues at once.

Making shields unable to disable will put a lot of stress on teams (particularly smaller, not-active-24/7 teams) unless cooldowns are shortened.

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Unfortunately the reverse can be said about the glory scaling on the t4 that gives auto 100% regardless or level. When diamond teams or sapphire are attacking down on lowers leagues sometimes a decent marshal is the only thing that can help them. Eg diamond on sapphire and sapphire on plat teams.

How about delay time is not there anymore when a team disables a shield :raised_hands:, unless you interact with a prim on the castle, like attack them or if they attack you.