Tablet Compatibility

I am considering purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Book2. It apparently will run apps, but has a Windows OS. Would that be compatible with the game app?

I don’t think so, as far as I know wat dragon in only available on IOS and Android


It said something about snapdragon… I have no idea what snapdragon is, except a flower of course. Android is all about making their OS versions after sweets

snapdragon is a hardware brand (processors) used in many devices. Windows is the operating system, and War Dragons doesn’t run on Windows. They call it a PC; I would assume the apps it runs are Windows store apps.


Ok, so I want a tablet, I want to stick with Android. Is anyone out there successfully using an Android Tablet with version 8 (Oreo) or 9 (Pie) to run the game? If so which brand and model? Yes, I have other uses for a tablet, but before I spend several hundred $$$$ I would like a decent chance of actually logging in.

Thanks for any help :grin:

Not compatible with the windows OS. One of the reasons I never bought a surface.


What they said :point_up:t2:

Yes yes… My first smartphone was a Windows phone… But I never could get the apps I wanted

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