Tablet recommendation for IOS

Ive gotten some nice feedback re tablets for wd in my private chats, but would like some more input.

I play on an iphone7 but getting a bit tired of size.

I have a 12" pro, but it is simply too big to play on comfortably?

If someone has experience playing on it, how do you attack effectively? I find it quite difficult.

Anyways, back to tablets
Anyone playing on
Pro 9.7"
Pro 10.7" ?

How is the performance? Would you recommend it or not?

Any advice will be appreciated

The iPad Pro 10.5" is also a 4 GB RAM device, which is a bit more futureproof, while the other tablets smaller than that are currently limited to 2 GB.

In terms of actually playing, I know someone who loves playing on an iPad Mini, though she’s noted the aspect ratio takes getting used to. LizDrakemoor has a great comparison image here for iPhone vs 10.5" that might help. :smiley:

The Pro 9.7” and 10.7” are the same thing in slightly different sizes. Both will run the game beautifully, and will just depend on what is comfortable for you to hold.
The Mini 4 will run the game but not as well.
I use an iPad Air 2 and it runs the game nicely, but not quite as shiny as my roommate’s Pro does. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want the best of the best, get a Pro in the size that is most comfortable for you.


I use iPad Mini 4 and i don’t encounter any lag.
I also feel that it is much more comfortable compared to my sister’s iPad Air 2 in which i started new account for referral.
There are two problems though:

  1. The game doesn’t connect sometimes and i have to restart my iPad to fix this problem. But I never had necessity of uninstall/reinstalling game so i can bear with it. ( This might not be specific to iPad Mini though )
  2. It gets heated excessively on rare occasions. My observation is that during peak times like during end of round in some PvP events ( CTF and Pits ), it happened more often.

Pro 10.7. Just upgraded from Air2. Love it!

I use the iPad mini4 and have no issues… love the size, still fits great in my hand and much bigger screen than my iPhone 7Plus

I’ve played on both the iPad Pro 9.7” model and am currently using the iPad 10.5” model. I would highly reccomend you get the smart cover keyboard for whatever model you choose.

When I play War Dragons on my iPad, I don’t actually hold the iPad, instead I either play with it sitting upright on a table or desk. Or, if I am sitting on the couch, I use a cutting board as a sort of lap desk (said cutting board was purchaed explicitly for this purpose and has never been used in the kitchen). Playing with the iPad like this makes it really easy to fly hunters since you have both hands free to touch the screen, plus you can type messages so much faster, thanks to having an actual physical keyboard.

You do lose some on the outer edges of the screen, which can make killing monuments more difficult. (As you might notice in the link that @forScience mentioned up higher).

As for the main screen difference between an iPad Pro 9.7” and an iPad Pro 10.5”, the active screen area on the 10.5” goes much closer to the edges of the iPad, so even though the iPad is not physically all that much bigger, the screen feels noticably larger.

Also, Apple pencils work great when flying sorcerers in game. I notice that I can swipe faster and easier with that rather than trying to drag my finger across the screen. Sometimes I use the pencil with warriors too. Obviously fingers are best when flying hunters :slight_smile:

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