Tablets for war dragons?


I currently work and play on an iPad Pro but I am looking to get another tablet for playing. I’ve been looking at an amazon fire 10 tablet has anyone used one for war dragons? Does it work? Any help much appreciated :grinning:


Wait, you’d willingly go from playing WDs on iOS to playing on Android?

Might want to ask around about the multitude of issues players have on Android that iOS doesn’t have, first.


Agree with @Jonesy.
Android users are gifted only with Dioskouri, which is useful only for totally new player.

Sadly, it’s the only device I can afford right now (saving for more important stuffs)


I realise that it won’t be so good but I need the iPad for work, I’d really like to separate work and play. I know it sounds mad lol. If I could afford it I’d buy a second iPad Pro but that’s just not possible. I know you can side load war dragons on fire tablet but just wondering if it’s still playable.


Had you considered looking into referbished iPads? You might be able to find one in your budget range and they’ll play the game a lot more smoothly.


It doesn’t work on my fire HD but that’s not the same device.


Ah ok thanks. I’ll need to do more shopping around. I really wanted the fire but if it doesn’t work then that’s that!


the fire 10 is newer so it might, I just know it doesn’t on the fire HD


I play my alt on an ipad mini. It’s not as good as playing on the X but it is pretty good.


Even getting an older refurbished iPad “prePro” would probably be better than switching to Android :man_shrugging:


Has there been any other issues besides having the other account level displayed when switching? I’m currently playing one account on an underpowered Android phone and another account on a 2017 iPad. Obviously big difference in performance lol.

I would switch accounts at least 6 times a day. I thought about getting another ipad but I honestly can’t justify doing that for a game…especially one with such unfortunate issues,


cant go wrong with this one. love mine.


I play in iPhone 10 IOS and my alt is iPad Pro
It’s pretty good when I play here.


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