Tablets that play war dragons

hello guys I’m looking for a tablet to play this game on I’ve been looking at the windows 10 fusion 5 will this play the game smoothly dose anyone have one of these that can give me any advice

This game doesn’t run on Windows.

Either Google Android or iOS. When it comes to tablets, I hear Apple’s better.

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Do yourself a favor and stick with Apple products for now as they tend to work the best. While Android devices work fine, I hear the majority of complaints from those using them. Under no circumstances should you try using APK downloaders on other devices unless you want to tear your eyeballs out while trying to do anything within the game.


Thanks guys it’s hard as Apple products are a lot more expensive I never thought it would be so hard to find a tablet to play a Mobil game :rofl::joy:

That is true, those are more expensive, but I had my struggles with the Samsung tablet. Android tablets can’t grant enough resources to support this game, even if they are brand new, just released, in a matter of months you will regret spending on them.

Apple products keep their value for longer.

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There are offers for the actual iPad (non-pro) for about 300 € available.
Do yourself a BIG favor and go for an iPad. My girlfriend tried it on a Galaxy Tab S2 and it wasn’t really fun.
If you can’t spend 300 € for a new iPad try to get a refurbished one.

I’m using a ASUS ZenPad 3s 10. I’m very happy with it. It is older than my Moto g6 but runs much faster. Have no lag when joining battles. Phone has a little lag . Ok down side is my Atlas map is Purple. I don’t have all the multiple color segments. Shows all else just fine. The tablet was about 300$.

I got lucky with my iPad I bought an Android tablet got it home and it wouldn’t unlock. Took it back to Walmart and they couldn’t get it to unlock. It was the last in stock and the store gave me $50 off a new iPad for the trouble I went through. So I got a deal on a new iPad. I wouldn’t go with anything but an iPad now for the game. My Android phone played the game alright, but it had a boat load of issues with every update. My iPad has some but nothing like my Android did.

I also love playing on a bigger screen.

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You don’t need the latest craze to play WD. Get a refurbished iPad and you will be fine.

Are you buying the tablet for personal use or just buying it to play the game. Playing the game should be a side venture and not the main focus imho.

The cheapest iPad should work just fine

My girlfriend and me have been playing around a year on a huawei mediapad m3, less than 250€, 0 problems.

Yep, with wifi only probably for less the $100 USD on Amazon.

The 300€ iPad 2018 has been rated as the 2nd best tablet on the market. And iOS is a much better match with WD than android. You may think you are fine but when you try iOS you’ll be amazed


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