Tactic or Cheat?

Player A gets backing from Teammate B and draws 2 defenders. Player A dies. Teammate B takes the full 30 seconds to select a dragon. During that time, Player A drops out of the attack and attacks again, while the defenders are still engaged in the first. Without defenders, player A 5-flames the base. I have always thought the moment the lead quits the battle, it ends…but I guess not. Legitimate tactic or a cheat?

tactic. a very old one


When I have a defender or a follower, I only have 5 seconds to choose a drag.

But totally a tactic.

There are many “tactics” I’ve used that some may question. All within the realm of not a cheat or hack, but may not be loved by others.


Tactic yeah. You don’t have to wait the full time, the lead can only quit when the follow is attacking without crashing out of the game entirely. Attacker B can just select a weak dragon and Attacker A quits immediately- weak dragon dies and all sit in limbo until that timer counts down.

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It’s a tactic that’s been used for a while. Really only applicable for locking the base owner in the defense to reattack with 2 defenders rather than 3.

Edit: you can also use a dragon with cloak/time shift in order to take even more time :upside_down_face:


It is better if the 2nd dragon swap out immediately after the 1st attack has already quit. You can buy straight 30s and dont let any defenders drop out

I havn’t tried that in a long time but it use to be if the backer completes it still counts. Dropping out HOPING the defenders will follow can be as effective as attacking a second time.

Yeah that would count, I’ve had people crash when I was backing them but it counted the flames because I finished

It’s not a hack because it doesn’t require any kind of modifications to the game.

It does use the mechanics in a way that I doubt were originally intended. But, it does give up at least one defense point. So, if both teams get 250, it can either lose the war or win it (assuming you were already ahead in defense and just needed to kill that last base or two to win).

It’s not a freebie by any means, but I can see why it is frustrating, especially if you didn’t know about it.


I wouldn’t consider this a cheat or a hack. Just an exploitation of the mechanics of the game. Kind of like the forge exploit. I don’t think it is a banable offense though? @PGJared

Forge exploit was different. It only worked for a short time and was clearly a programming error that caused an unintended glitch.

This is a mechanic of the game that works as intended, but can be manipulated to create a tactical advantage.

The game’s network code is bad at detecting when people quit battles. This is really obvious if you have an on-team alt; sometimes, if you’re attacking, a defender will clearly quit. One of the two devices in front of you will get a “X has left the battle” notification, the other will sit there dumbly, waiting 30 seconds for the timeout. The same thing happens with secondary attackers, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced with XP runs.

(Some helpful teammate joins your XP run, sees you already have a backer, then quits, forcing both you and your backer to wait 30 seconds. Thanks, guy!)

Exploiting reaction windows is part of all real-time games, but this is a stupid reaction window that occurs nondeterministically due to flaws in the network code.

I am unsure, do you still the the opportunity to defend both attacks so long as you have more defenders at the ready?

If no, then I would consider it a grey zone, at the very least a tactic against the spirit of the game.
If yes, then I would consider it a tactic that gives you a free defense.

If the player is only doing the “appropriately timed quit,” you can defend both if you have enough people.

Like I said, it’s not really a hack. It’s leveraging a mechanic that I would assume is designed to account for poor network connections, but for those with very good connections, it leads to rather unique opportunities. As they said, the follow can complete the battle.

This works in Atlas too. If planned right, you can pretty easily get multiple attacks going “at the same time.” And if the second is undefended, it will (sometimes) finish before the first. :man_shrugging: This has obvious advantages.

Reminds me of the two device exploit that used to be a thing

They do have some similarities. I should hope that no longer works.

Pretty sure it doesn’t work anymore as I may have accidentally put myself in a similar situation a few months ago. I’m not about to go test it out tho… :joy:

This is not a cheat, but is the kind of thing I’d like to see patched out of the game. If the attacker drops the battle should completely end.


But in this case Jared, someone is still attacking actively.


Don’t Patch it, its an interesting tactic that can backfire as well. It adds depth to the game, and more importantly it doesn’t imbalance it. Plus people do sometimes get booted legitimately and cancelling their war hit for that would be unfortunate.